December 4, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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Recruiters are professional matchmakers. They scour hundreds of resumes every week and have an eye for matching a candidate’s skills with open positions. They also match candidates to cultures. By analyzing behaviors, curating diverse talent pools and building relationships, successful recruiters have mastered the art and science of finding the “right fit.”

Join us for a webinar with Nonprofit HR’s Recruitment Business Partner, Sophia LaFontant, to hear some practical tips on creating or improving your recruitment strategy and plan. You will walk away with practical tips on:

  • attracting 21st century job candidates and hiring candidates with diverse skillsets
  • reading between the (resume) lines to identify candidates that will exceed expectations
  • maintaining culture as your organization acquires new talent

Webinar Presenter

Sophia LaFontant
Sophia LaFontant
Recruitment Business Partner
Nonprofit HR


What Sophia brings to the table?

As a Recruitment Business Partner, Sophia LaFontant, finds the best and brightest candidates to fulfill employment opportunities for Nonprofit HR’s clients.  She is passionate about the professional development of new candidates and the growth of the Talent Acquisition Practice Area.

Sophia has a diverse professional background and started her career as an investigator for the Attorney General of the State of Florida before transitioning to human resources at the Department of Homeland Security. She also worked as a recruiter with the Public Defender Service (PDS) for the District of Columbia and D.C. Courts and helped increase diversity within both agencies by expanding partnerships with 52 targeted educational institutions and associations. Her expertise includes establishing talent acquisition initiatives targeting diversity; designing interactive training methods; and administering payroll, benefits, and retirement. See Sophia’s full bio.

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