March 25, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

The people you attract to your social enterprise are just as important as the mission itself. Identifying the qualities of the team you want to build is just as important, as is creating space for your people to develop can ultimately lead to a high-performance culture. But how does one make time for this necessary component of running a social enterprise while simultaneously juggling other critical business priorities? Register now and hear from social enterprise advocate and champion, Patty Hampton. Hampton will uncover:

  • Why your people are key to the success of your social enterprise
  • Best practices in attracting a mission-focused workforce
  • Actionable steps to engage and sustain a culture that will help meet your business priorities
  • Characteristics of high-performing people who own their results


Conversation Host:

Patty Hampton, CSP, Chief Social Impact Officer / Managing Partner
SITA by Nonprofit HR
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Conversation Guests:

Rebecca Peel
Talent & Human Capital Advisory
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Rebecca specializes in designing performance focused people and culture strategies for the social impact sector and has spoken and shared her work at multiple prestigious events including; The Obama White House, The World Summit Youth Award, Harvard Business School, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and The World Congress on Information Technology. In her most recent position as Head of Talent at Rippleworks Foundation she supported social entrepreneurs to overcome barriers to scale. Rebecca has held multiple senior leadership positions within the philanthropic sector, including Associate Director of Talent and People Management at The Rockefeller Foundation.

Cedric Nwafor
Social Entrepreneur, Public Speaker
Founder, Roots Africa
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A passion for agriculture and its people drives Cedric Nwafor, a social entrepreneur and public speaker who has organized, facilitated and spoken at various African and US events. He is the founder of ROOTS Africa, a youth-led organization that combats hunger, poverty, and exclusion by connecting students and agricultural experts in the US to farming communities in Africa. While earning his bachelor’s degree, he visited farms in Idaho and Maryland and Rwanda, Liberia, Cameroon, Ghana, and Uganda to learn different farm life and management approaches. Along the way, Cedric became an agricultural evangelist, engaging African youth in civic affairs in both cities and rural communities.

Rebecca Dray
Executive Director
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Originally from the United Kingdom, Rebecca started her career in the hospitality industry working for Marriott Hotels. She transitioned into the charitable sector, supporting mental health advocacy groups, then founded her first social enterprise business in 2006. She went on to run a group of 8 social enterprises in the UK, all engaged in social procurement contracting and supported employment. Rebecca sat on the boards of regional and national social enterprise membership organizations and travelled the country giving presentations, training and mentorship to the social enterprise sector. Rebecca moved to the US in 2014 and started two social enterprises – Society Profits and Buy Social USA.

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