May 11, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
 Nonprofit HR Panel
Lisa McKeown
Managing Director,
Total Rewards
Eric Salyers
Senior Consultant,
Total Rewards
Tina Twyman
Total Rewards
Stuart Wales
Total Rewards
The past few years required HR professionals to quickly adapt to an ever-changing landscape, but the unprecedented events of the last year prompted an even more rapid shift away from traditional HR practices. From compensation and benefits to HR technology, traditional approaches to total rewards have been expanded to include more flexible, equitable and efficient people-focused solutions.

The rise of remote work now requires that compensation practices are flexible enough to accommodate increasingly mobile workforces while remaining compliant to the unique restrictions mandated by different jurisdictions. Benefits practices are being shaped by new COVID-19 legislation, rules and guidelines and a wider effort to improve the employee experience through low-cost perks and equitable policies. From an equity standpoint, these changes are meant to accommodate differences in individuals and family structures. HR technology is propelling organizations to enhance the service-oriented nature of HR while increasing efficiencies and ensuring equitable practices. Taken together, these trends have resulted in total rewards practices that are people focused and service oriented. But, these changes are merely the tip of the iceberg!​​

Join this lively discussion and hear firsthand some of the most significant HR trends, including:

  • Elevating diversity, equity and inclusion strategies in total rewards
  • Adopting compensation practices that are transparent and informed by an overarching compensation philosophy
  • Using HR technology to transform HR into a service oriented practice
  • Improving the employee experience with low-cost perks and unconventional approaches to benefits