April 27, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

The social enterprise ecosystem is a vibrant example of how impactful missions can be when the investment in people is prioritized. The success of this emerging fourth sector proves that when leaders are dedicated to their people—to their growth, development and fulfillment—their return on that investment is greater mission impact. Recognizing even more impact means that social enterprises must now unlock the potential of their people, and this winning strategy must be collaborative. If you are a social enterprise leader of a start-up, growth creator or an established organization, it is paramount to lay the structural and cultural groundwork within your organization to maximize the potential of those passionate people you brought on board. Join this conversation and hear how to harness your people’s potential and learn about the Aha Effect.

Walk away knowing how to:

  • align your social enterprise’s purpose, mission and vision while maintaining your people as a focal point;
  • apply/codify the tenets of leadership in service to the people who choose to invest their time, skills and passion in your mission; and
  • build an intentional and collaborative culture that attracts and retains high-performing talent.

Conversation hosts:

Chief Social Impact Officer & Managing Partner
Team Leader and Senior Consultant