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What attracted you to Nonprofit HR?
The ability to serve multiple nonprofit organizations and further the impact of multiple missions.

What’s your favorite aspect of talent management?
Supporting organizations in the development of intentional structures and cultures that allow people to flourish and deepen the impact of their mission.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now and why?

The pandemic has turned the common structures of work on its head and right now, I’m supporting several organizations as they move from a traditional approach to location-based work and staff engagement to leveraging meaningful culture and technology across locations and time zones. This is all while mindfully considering a variety of staff professional and personal needs. It requires a fine dance between clear parameters and structures that allow for internal equity, transparency AND nimble flexibility. It is so exciting to work with forward-thinking leaders, staff and organizations as we co-create the new approaches to work and structures.

It is so exciting to work with forward-thinking leaders, staff and organizations as we co-create the new approaches to work and structures.

How do you see HR changing in the next 5-10 years?

Even small nonprofit organizations will soon be able to leverage big data and affordable cloud-based software that will allow leaders and human capital practitioners to make unbiased decisions about everything from hiring to salaries and promotions, anytime and anywhere. This will hopefully result in pay equity, greater diversity in leadership demographics and a more inclusive approach to culture, staff development and total rewards. I’m excited to see data and technology influence even better practices in very affordable ways.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I started a fabulous female Mardi Gras dance troupe that is famous in New Orleans. It’s now 10+ years old! 🙂

Julia Kaufman is a Senior Consultant for the Outsourcing team. She has worked closely with a variety of Nonprofit HR clients with missions that support health care access and equity, education reform, early childhood education, youth development, blood disorders and government associations. She has worked collaboratively with her clients to transform performance management systems, bolster hiring efforts, increase employee engagement, create intentional and staff-friendly policies and expand benefits and compensation communications. Julia Is passionate about attracting, engaging and retaining talented, proven and diverse professionals in the nonprofit sector. Working at Nonprofit HR helps her to serve multiple nonprofits across the nation in this capacity.  Read Julia’s full bio.

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