Project Description

Recorded Webinar:
Talent: The Missing Piece in Nonprofit Sustainability

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“Nonprofit sustainability occurs when a nonprofit attracts and effectively uses enough of and the right kinds of money and people necessary to achieve their long-term outcome goals.”

The social sector is divided and often “unfocused” on the importance and role of talent. In reality, successful nonprofits cannot achieve organizational sustainability without achieving talent sustainability.

Purchase the webinar led by Nonprofit HR CEO Lisa Brown Alexander to learn about the interdependence of organizational and talent sustainability. Lisa will discuss how impactful leaders understand that the ability to achieve their long-term goals requires clearly defined plans and actions related to the attraction, retention and development of talent, from the C-suite to the front desk.


  • What impactful, sustainable nonprofits share in common
  • The 3 key phases of talent sustainability and where your organization is along the talent sustainability continuum
  • The 8 steps organizations need to achieve talent sustainability

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