Project Description

Recorded Webinar:
The Talent Oblivious Nonprofit: Is That Your Organization?

Businesswoman interviewing female job applicant in office

Does your organization have little to no resources allocated for talent attraction, development or retention? Are your nonprofit’s hiring, development and retention practices often ineffective and absent of planning? There are some clear traits of a “Talent Oblivious” nonprofit, as well as actions organizations can take to not be one. The first step to addressing those traits, however, is identifying them.

Purchase the webinar led by Nonprofit HR CEO Lisa Brown Alexander to learn about the unfortunate effects of talent obliviousness and how your organization can overcome them to maximize your mission impact.


  • The most common traits of a “Talent Oblivious” nonprofit and how to recognize them in your organization
  • Steps your organization can take to build effective hiring, development and retention strategies
  • Resources you can allocate to talent attraction, development and retention to overcome talent obliviousness

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