Antonio Cruz
Director, Business Development - West Coast
Direct: 650.822.6007

As the Director of Business Development for the West Coast, Antonio (Tony) Cruz assists Nonprofit HR in developing new client business while also supporting existing client accounts and engaging in activities that generate revenue for the firm. Working closely with subject matter experts, Tony collaborates with business leaders to establish and maintain the firm’s superior customer service and client-centered approach, with a focus on further developing client relationships in the San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles metro areas.

Tony brings over 25 years of experience that encompasses various roles throughout several industry sectors. These experiences have allowed him to refine his understanding of market trends and have extended this knowledge in assisting the organizations he has represented with growth and depth of client relationships in both new and existing markets. Additionally, he has held several positions with profit and loss responsibility, thereby understanding the challenges that face business leadership in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

Having started his studies at California State University, Northridge, Tony has maintained continuing education at the University of Houston, as well as professional learning courses in sales and marketing. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area and enjoys lazy days on his boat throughout the lakes of California.