Dennis Sebayan
Marketing & Communication Manager, Editorial & Content

At Nonprofit HR, Dennis serves as Marketing & Communication Manager, Editorial & Content, contributing to its ​​robust knowledge and research center of excellence. He collaborates across practice areas by understanding business needs and creating public-facing content to raise brand awareness and engage social sector decision-making for talent management.

Dennis is a detail-oriented, process-focused and performance-driven content marketing professional with 20+ years of experience delivering best-in-class content to drive customer acquisition and retention and increase revenue. He has previous experience as a business analyst for New York City government at the largest municipal call center in the United States and in media marketing, journalism and public relations. In addition, Dennis has served as a Marketing Lead managing technical content initiatives, delivering website and customer success, sales, public relations, events and social media content.

Before joining Nonprofit HR, he worked as a technical content manager for business-to-business companies, developing innovative content strategies aligned with short- and long-term marketing targets and planning and creating content aimed at enterprise developers, chief technology officers and chief product officers. In addition, Dennis has contributed winning developer-focused blogs while yielding record traffic achievements.

Dennis enjoys cooking culinary masterpieces and listening to his collection of over 1,000 vinyl dance music records in his spare time.