Michael Win
Marketing & Communication Associate, Production & Layout

As the Marketing & Communication Associate, Production & Layout, Michael Win is a visual artist currently based in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in editorial design and his skills encompass web and graphic design, photo editing, desktop publishing and campaign marketing over the scope of print and digital.

Prior to Nonprofit HR, Michael worked for an international news agency as their Digital Production Artist handling design and in-house editorial photographic matters. He also worked in publishing, ranging from children’s books to news and information weeklies. Michael’s background also includes experience as a freelance photographer and a firm knowledge of studio environments, extensive photo editing and retouching for international news stories. He has maintained relationships with photographers, vendors and production teams. Michael has a degree in graphic design and a certificate from California Institute of the Arts for UI / UX design.

Michael has a great interest in anthropology and his experience in traveling, having visited over 30 countries, has shaped how he perceives visual design and the way communication is interpreted through different cultures. This experience has enabled Michael to work as a team and connect with colleagues despite cultural barriers to improve client relations.

Besides being a native English speaker, Michael is also a fluent Burmese speaker and conversational in French, and Spanish at a beginners level. He enjoys surfing, tennis, cinema and furniture making.

Pronouns: He, him, his