Millie Gonzalez
Consultant, EDIJ

Millie Gonzalez provides subject matter expert advice, insight and strategic direction to clients. She oversees and contributes to client engagements, manages projects to completion, and designs and facilitates DEI training solutions and assessment services to stakeholders.

Millie has made it her life’s work to be an advocate for educational equity while also helping organizations and individuals strengthen their DEI toolbox. As a native New Yorker with first generation Dominican roots, Millie directly experienced the impact that education had on her life trajectory. Her Afro Latina and bilingual upbringing coupled with her love of learning led her to pursue her masters in education as well as multiple coaching certifications. Her previous experience as a Fulbright scholar in Madrid, Spain coupled with her time in the classroom as an educator has allowed Millie to cultivate a multidimensional perspective of what motivates individuals to grow and strive toward success.

Millie has spent the latter part of her career working in the educational nonprofit leadership sector where she has led and managed multiple leadership teams towards achieving strong mission aligned outcomes. Millie has also had the privilege of coaching both emerging leaders and educators on growth mindsets and cultural competency.

As a consultant, Millie contributes expertise in strategic planning, team development, curriculum building, DEI programming, facilitation, individual coaching, group coaching and translation services. Millie has worked with a variety of clients both in the education and nonprofit sector.

One of Millie’s greatest passions is finding ways to further support women of color on their leadership and self-care journey. Millie is the Founder and CEO of Inspare Coaching. Inspare is designed to help emerging women leaders in the education sector go from feeling disempowered to building a personal roadmap that aligns with the highest vision they hold for themselves.

Pronouns: She, her, Ella