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Teresita Hurtado Ramos, MSW, LMSW

Manager, Culture & Inclusion

Teresita Hurtado Ramos, MSW, LMSW

Teresita Hurtado Ramos, MSW, LMSW, served five years as the inaugural Assistant Director of Diversity & Inclusion at the University of North Texas (UNT). She also has over eight years’ experience in child welfare working as the inaugural New Volunteer Training Manager at Dallas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and worked as a Conservatorship Worker and Investigator for Child Protective Services in Dallas County. She was the co-chair of the Disproportionality and Disparities Committee in Dallas County and certified trainer for “Knowing Who You Are,” a two day workshop exploring race/ethnic identities and racial reconciliation. She served as an adjunct professor at TWU/UNT’s social work graduate program teaching “Human Diversity & Multiculturalism.” She also taught an upper division course on “Gender/Race & Dialogue” at Arizona State University, where she served as a Coordinator for the Intergroup Relations Center.

Teresita is a purpose and mission-driven DEI professional with over 10 years’ experience in higher education and nonprofit sectors implementing smart solutions for DEI in organizations’ policies, programs, practices and people. Teresita excels at implementing solution-focused strategic planning through dialogue-based interactions and assessments aimed at effectively impacting organizational culture by creating and facilitating interactive DEI learning and development workshops, programs and team building opportunities. She has solid facilitation skills and is a compelling motivational speaker that uses humor, her personal journey and company-specific examples to guide participants to cultural humility, self-reflection, empathy and inclusive cultural change.

Teresita received her Master of Social Work (MSW) degree at the University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology and double minor in Justice and Family Studies at Arizona State University. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in the state of Texas, a certified mediator and a Qualified Administrator, Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). She believes there are two things no one could ever take away from her: her education and experiences. She enjoys traveling, attending cultural events and other educational opportunities with her spouse and child.

Pronouns: She, her, hers