Dates: October 18-20, 2022
Location: Wellspring Manor & Spa, Washington, D.C. Metro Region

These learning objectives will empower you to:

  • Establish a common understanding of the three types of racism: systemic racism, cultural racism and individual superiority.
  • Take a deeper dive into the history of systemic racism.
  • Explore the ways we have been socialized within our racialized identities and how that socialization impacts our leadership approach.
  • Engage in race-based affinity spaces for learning, healing and accountability.
  • Shift into collective accountability through the use of strategies such as PAN-ing and PAIRS.
  • Understand the concepts of White fragility and racial battle fatigue and the impact it has on both leaders and staff.
  • Increase competency for cross-racial conversations and dialogues.

As a result of attending this immersion experience, participants will leave with a deeper understanding of systemic racism and tools and strategies to engage their organizations in anti-racist practices.


This event is being facilitated by Nonprofit HR’s Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Justice (EDIJ) practice.

Our experiences working with social impact organizations of all sizes have informed how we work
with our clients across missions, locations, size and purposes. Sometimes knowing where and how to embark
on your organization’s work in diversity, equity and inclusion can be the hardest step. It is not uncommon for
nonprofits, associations, philanthropists and social enterprises to struggle with where to
begin their EDIJ journeys and how to shepherd in a more just organization.
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