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Are you a nonprofit, association, social enterprise or other mission-driven organization seeking to embark on your equity, diversity, inclusion and justice (EDIJ) journey? Nonprofit HR foresaw the need to support social impact organizations in this area even before 2020, and since then, our passionate consultants have made a nationwide impact on the lives of our clients.

According to our 2022 Nonprofit Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Practices Survey Results, 54% of organizations surveyed reported being impacted by a lack of EDIJ. In today’s environment, the urgency among social sector leaders to address these issues with precision and speed has never been greater.

Our in-house EDIJ consultants offer expert-level thought partnerships, dedicated to helping organizations identify existing inequities within their systems and providing strategic guidance to overhaul or develop new, equitable ones. We understand that each organization’s journey in EDIJ is unique, and our approach challenges the status quo, shifts paradigms, and empowers mission-driven talent to innovate and collaborate with a greater awareness of intention and impact.

When you partner with Nonprofit HR, you gain expert thought partners who deeply listen and comprehend your specific EDIJ needs, guiding you on a transformative path toward a more inclusive and just future.


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Nonprofit HR’s services were hugely valuable. Nonprofit HR staff were good listeners, helped us feel safe in discussing sensitive issues, and put into words some issues that our staff were not comfortable sharing. Nonprofit HR consultants “got us” and were very experienced. They understood where we are on our journey and did not talk down to us; rather, they built us up.

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We offer project-based engagements focused on:

Comprehensive Equity Assessments

Identify and address strengths and weaknesses related to equity. Determine the extent to which your mission, programs and operations are equitable for each member of your team. Enlist us to examine all aspects of your talent management ecosystem to ensure just outcomes within your organization, such as in hiring, onboarding and performance management, or flag areas needing a redesign for more consistency.

Equity Strategy Planning, Development, Design & Implementation

Before launching into any EDIJ initiative, explore how becoming more equitable and just aligns to the mission, strategy and goals. Gain an in-depth understanding of your organization’s unique environment. Then, let us design a solution that meets your organization’s unique environment in a way that is grounded in best practices and EDIJ-centered principles.

Customized EDIJ and Racial Justice-Centered Training (Board, Leadership & Staff) & Facilitation

Achieve EDIJ training, which is a critical component of any successful EDIJ strategy. Empower your teams with the knowledge and actionable tools necessary to live in and contribute to a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization. Listen to our expert facilitators translate findings and help advance your organization’s efforts to create a collective EDIJ vision or identify roadblocks through difficult yet honest, authentic discussion and discovery. Set a clear, actionable agenda and create a plan to inform your organization’s EDIJ journey.

EDIJ-Centered Executive Coaching

Discover how to effectively interact with colleagues who represent the various dimensions of diversity. Gain the ability to lead from a posture of inclusivity attuned to the needs of populations that are oftentimes marginalized in the workplace. Take the next step with us with an assessment of your executive leadership style and an exercise to explore unconscious bias. EDIJ executive coaching sessions are provided in one-hour increments on a monthly or semi-monthly basis.

Diversity Prioritization Within Retained Search

With efforts rooted in EDIJ best practices, find the best, most qualified executives to lead your mission. At Nonprofit HR, we understand that executive search is not just a recruitment activity, but an opportunity to define your organization and the change it will drive for years to come. Allow us to cast a wide net to ensure that candidate pools include diversity in national origin, language, race, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, veteran status, family structures, and differences of thought and life experiences.

Interim Equity Officer, EDIJ Outsourced & Strategic Advisory Partnership Engagements

Fill and benefit from periodic EDIJ thought partnership or interim Equity Officer support. Partner with us for advisory support in the integration of EDIJ within HR systems and processes; individual one-hour EDIJ executive coaching sessions provided monthly or semi-monthly; design and facilitation of EDIJ learning opportunities as needed (interrupting bias or other topics); and general EDIJ strategic thought partnership on an as-needed basis.

Media Coverage: Nonprofit HR Unveils 2023 DEIJ Survey Results, Revealing Improvements, Challenges

Nonprofit HR, a consulting firm dedicated to providing strategic human resources solutions to nonprofit organizations, is pleased to present the findings of its highly anticipated 2023 Nonprofit DEIJ Survey (opens as a PDF), showing both significant progress and key areas to improve. This comprehensive survey, conducted across the nonprofit sector, reveals commendable efforts in prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ). However, it also sheds light on challenges they still face, as well as some key shifts in strategy they must make in order to meet those challenges.

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Media Coverage: Despite DEI progress, most nonprofit staffs don’t look like their communities

Nonprofits have made “significant strides” in prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice, yet challenges remain that require key shifts in strategy, according to the results of Nonprofit HR’s 2023 Nonprofit DEIJ Survey. For instance, 89% of survey respondents said their company is making progress toward their DEIJ goals. At the same time, only 38% of organizations have a staff that reflects the diversity of the communities they serve.

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