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  • Eliminating the Need for an Equal Pay Day

    Many recognized Equal Pay Day last April but some believe we may need to observe this symbolic day much later in the year. Just last year, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) published findings from a study asserting that the gender wage gap is much larger than we thought. According to IWPR’s research, women earn 49 cents for every dollar earned by a man, not the 80% ratio most often cited and referenced. Others think that IWPR’s research adds to a cloud of misleading coverage about gender pay equality. Add in the distinct terminology that is used interchangeably—wage vs.
  • Leadership, Retention & Tips for Communicating Sensitive Messages

    Close to a quarter (22%) of nonprofits credit dissatisfaction or disengagement with current leadership as a primary driver of voluntary turnover. This finding, from the 2019 Nonprofit Talent Retention Practices report, is not surprising. We have all dealt with difficult bosses or at least know a person or two that have. Despite the breakdown, many struggle to make the best of a bad situation for the good of their organizations. After all, mission-driven talent is committed to bigger causes and efforts greater than ourselves. We are compelled by missions to which we strive to apply our talents and strengths.  Let’s
  • Millennials in the C-Suite

    By 2020, Millennials are expected to account for 50% of the global workforce and 75% by 2025. Yet millennials, the generation loosely defined as those born between 1980 and 2000, get a bad rap in the workplace. We have all heard many of the stereotypes, ‘they are lazy, entitled, too forward/ambitious for their own good.’ Ready or not, the change is here and a majority millennial workforce will likely spark an evolution of the executive role. Is your organization prepared for the transition?  New values will lead to new structures and new styles of leadership that will transform the way
  • Nonprofit HR Hosts Talent Roundtable Discussion for Social Sector Leaders

    Nonprofit HR recently hosted its #RetentionMatters Roundtable event where HR leaders and practitioners from across the Washington, D.C. region discussed highlights from our most recent Nonprofit Talent Retention Practices Survey. Central to the discussion was how important it is to invest in staff and the need to design a solid retention strategy built on frequent employee engagement. Based on the survey findings, more than 80% of nonprofits do not have a formal retention strategy in place and this trend is consistent with the hurdles shared by Roundtable attendees. Most attendees shared common challenges that their organizations face in the absence
  • Hire the Writer: How strong writers bring value to every role

    Written by Sophia LaFontant Have you ever found yourself torn between two candidates, and one had stronger writing skills than the other? My recommendation… Hire the writer.  As a talent acquisition consultant, and having interviewed hundreds of career candidates, I can say that writing ability has not received the attention it is due. Solid writing skills are critical to most jobs in the social sector. The National Association of Colleges and Employers found that 80.3% of employers desire candidates that have strong written communication skills. Strong writing ability was the third most desired skill, after leadership and collaborative skills. I like how Jason Fried,
  • DC Paid Family Leave Tax – Webinar Recording!

    Written by Julie Gallion, PHRSenior HR Business Partner and Benefits Practice LeadNonprofit HR Download a webinar on this topic! See below!  On July 1, 2019, employers in DC (or employers outside of DC with employees who work in DC) will pay a new tax.  The new tax, DCPFML or DC Paid Family Leave (FML) tax, will cover the payments to individuals whose leave is approved under the new DC Paid Family Leave law. Payments to individuals, referred to as “Benefits” will begin in July of 2020. This article relates mostly to the tax that employers must start paying in July (based
  • Nonprofit HR’s 2019 Women to Watch

    Written by Mishka Parkins in collaboration with Sangeetha Subramanian Nonprofit HR To say now is an interesting time for women would be an understatement. The events and movements of the past few years have sparked joy and pride just as much as they have sparked anger and disappointment. Just think of the #MeToo movement, or the exponential increase in entrepreneurship among black women, or the record number of women elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Women have much to celebrate yet in many respects, we have a way to go. In recognition of Women’s History Month, Nonprofit HR honors
  • The Effects of Future Economic Impacts on Your Nonprofit

    Written by Alicia Schoshinski, Senior HR Business Partner Nonprofit HR The last federal government shutdown was the longest in recent U.S. history. Impacts of the shutdown extended far beyond the Federal Government to businesses and nonprofits, including those that do not receive direct federal funding. Understandably, the shutdown likely prompted many nonprofit leaders to think through options when faced with reduced funding, a potential recession, or other financial hardships. It is prudent to be prepared with contingency plans in the event of any change that affects the business model of your nonprofit. While some organizations are quick to implement solutions
  • Charitable Sector Age Outs: Boomers and Gen Xers Ready for Battle

    Written by Patty Hampton, Vice President & Managing Partner Nonprofit HR The saying, “age ain’t nothing but a number,” is true particularly when it comes to the challenges that Gen Xers and Baby Boomers face in what continues to be a candidate-driven market. Pew Research Center confirms that 85% of Gen Xers and 67% of Baby Boomers continue to keep pace with Millennials on the use of technology. Smartphones and social media continue to be popular with all generations, but when it comes to tablets, Gen Xers have edged out Millennials in terms of adoption. With technology being accessible 24/7, recruiting for
  • 10 Self-Care Tips for the Fast-Flying Executive

      Written by Myra Briggs, Practice Leader, Executive Search Nonprofit HR I see it every day when interviewing leaders for mission-driven C-suite positions — the executive who will not rest until the job is done. When interviewing, I focus on the full person. Yes, my primary goal during these conversations is to uncover key leadership traits, but I also look for insights on the candidate’s take on life outside of leadership. In these conversations, I often find that many executives talk about unplugging as a negative thing instead of a welcome opportunity to recharge! Unplugging is often more of a

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