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  • Holiday Blues – Reintroducing Your Employee Assistance Program

    by Megan Eimerman-Wallace, PHR Right now, your staff is probably planning potlucks, holiday appreciation gatherings for stakeholders, or even coordinating gift exchanges and office closings. In the midst of it all could be an employee who is in trouble. While the jury is still out on the “holiday blues” and how deeply this phenomenon runs, higher levels of stress this time of year, especially regarding financial matters, are not atypical in the workforce. As a leader of your organization, you have a unique opportunity to open a new dialog and perhaps address employees who may be on the brink of
  • Nonprofit Missions, For-Profit Social Impact – How Does Your Recruitment Program Measure Up?

    by Aaron Brown The pressing need for corporate brands to develop socially responsible business practices means that for-profit recruiters may now be swimming in your favorite candidate pools. Attracting today’s socially conscious job candidates has inspired many for-profit brands to promote their mission and social responsibility objectives during the hiring process. The growing Millennial workforce, which consistently ranks pay and culture as key career drivers, has contributed greatly to this shifting approach in talent acquisition. In fact, a2018 Deloitte Millennial Surveycited pay (63%), culture (52%), and flexibility (50%) as top priorities when considering a new employer. With greater focus being
  • CEO Departures – The Most Important Transitions Your Organization Will Face

    by Myra T. Mathis If you google leadership turnover in nonprofits, chances are you will find several resources, surveys and reports to make a compelling case for why CEO departures are higher than they have been in almost a decade. A recent report however may shift your thinking on why CEOs of nonprofits is not only critical during these challenging economic times, but turnover at the C-Suite level is inevitable if an organization is to survive. The CEO position is also the most important transition an organization will face. That said, identifying other executive positions that will be affected is
  • Executive Candidate Profile – Valerie Navy-Daniels

    Get to know Executive Director Bound, Valerie Navy-Daniels! Valerie has more than 20 years of experience as a philanthropy professional. She has a proven track record of fundraising and communications success and has consistently exceeded revenue goals by persuasively articulating and demonstrating compelling cases for philanthropic support from corporations, foundations, individuals and other constituencies. 1. What or who inspired you to pursue your profession? Navy-Daniels: My passion to support organizations that improve people’s lives inspired my desire to pursue work in philanthropy. In fact I’ve enjoyed a life-long love of leadership, sales and persuasion. Beginning as a top-selling Girl Scout cookie troop member and as a
  • Social Sector Influencer Profile Series by Nonprofit HR – Pia Wilson-Body

    Nonprofit HR is featuring experts and influencers who are making incredible impacts in the social sector. Meet Pia Wilson-Body, President for the Intel Foundation.  Before joining Intel foundation in 2015, Pia served as Director of Global Diversity External Relations and increased Intel’s thought leadership by formulating a first-in- class Diversity in Technology awareness campaign encompassing traditional and social media, editorial content, earned speaking events and several awards for the company. Also, Pia led the design and deployment of Intel’s Veteran’s initiative as part of the White House “Joining Forces” initiative led by former First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. 1.
  • Patty’s ASAE Takeaways from the 2018 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition

    by Patty Hampton, CSP By the time you read this, many of you would have already moved passed the excitement from the 2018 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition. I am always excited to spend time with my long-time colleagues, peers and friends at ASAE, and love it when I connect with association leaders such as Desirée Knight, CMP, CAE with the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) and Rick Burt, MAEL, CAE with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). ASAE Annual Meetings always inspire me to remain entrepreneurial, creative and strategic, as that is in the DNA of nonprofit leaders. For me,
  • New York Employers Must Take Action Now to Comply with New Sexual Harassment Laws

    If your nonprofit is located in New York, you should be aware of a change in the laws with respect to sexual harassment prevention. New York State Law Effective October 1, 2018, New York State Human Rights law requires all employers to ensure a written policy on sexual harassment prevention. The policy must follow the model policy or meet or exceed the minimum standards outlined.  It must include a standard complaint form and a procedure for investigating complaints. In addition to protections for employees, the policy must include protections for contractors, subcontractors, vendors and consultants.  The law also limits the use
  • Three Talent Acquisition Tips and Several Tools

    My recent article from “How Nonprofits Miss the Talent Mark” explains one of the most common mistakes that nonprofits make when recruiting candidates for job openings – “post and pray”. That posting shares why the “post and pray” method isn’t effective, but this post describes an effective approach. So, you may be wondering which recruitment tools you should use when trying to find the best talent? Here are a few pro tips for recruiting. Start your day by reviewing new prospective candidates that have applied to the job openings you’ve posted on various job boards. But remember that while posting on
  • The Value of Great HR Project Management!

    Do you know when it’s time to hire a human resources project consultant? Do you have a project that is repeatedly re-shuffled to the bottom of your to-do list? We’ve all found ourselves in this situation. How do you stop the re-shuffling and identify when the time is right to bring in external support to accomplish the objective? Typical example of a recruiting support function that can chip away at an HR department’s time: Problem Example:Turnover positions create an impossible workload for full life-cycle recruiters. This type of project is not uncommon, but organizations wait too long before hiring help.
  • How Nonprofits Miss The Talent Acquisition Mark

    I spend a lot of time talking with our clients about their talent acquisition strategy. Often, by the time they’ve contacted us, they have started a search, attempted to identify candidates on their own, and are wondering why they’re not getting candidates who match what they need.  The first thing I ask them is to describe their approach to talent acquisition.  What I hear is usually something like this: Create and/or edit the job description Post it on various job boards Pray for good candidates to fall in their lap (or rather their inbox) In talent acquisition circles, we call

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