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For Nonprofit Leaders and Non-HR Staff

Our clients are driving massive change in areas such as health, human services, arts, culture, faith and the environment. And thanks to their partnership with us, they’re strengthening their talent and culture so they can continue to advance their missions.

Our Target Clients

At Nonprofit HR, we work with two primary groups: nonprofit human resources professionals who need tactical and strategic support, and nonprofit leaders who recognize the important role talent and culture play in achieving their strategic aims. Here’s how:

Nonprofit HR for HR Professionals

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The HR professionals (and HR teams) we work with often turn to Nonprofit HR for support on specific projects and strategic guidance on challenging issues. We add bench strength and expertise to their existing departments. Some of the services our HR professional clients utilize most include:

We also host quarterly Interact for Impact events designed to give nonprofit human resources professionals a chance to meet one another and build networks of support.

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Nonprofit HR for Nonprofit Leaders and Non-HR Staff

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Many of the nonprofit leaders and other non-HR professionals we work with outsource their entire human resources function to Nonprofit HR. Others look to our firm to create or strengthen a talent and culture strategy that aligns with their mission and overall strategic plan. Some of the services these clients utilize most include:

Nonprofit leaders also convene with HR professionals and sector thought leaders each year at our annual Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit.

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Clients Past and Present

“Just Try Nonprofit HR Once” – Client Message

This list includes a selection of the impactful clients we've had the pleasure to partner with since Nonprofit HR was founded in 2000.

Nonprofit HR Partners with Foundations to Help Build Capacity

Foundations are especially important to Nonprofit HR. We provide a straightforward and customized approach to all of your organization’s needs. We have worked with hundreds of national and community-based mission-driven organizations to strengthen their capacity.

Foundations work with us to provide necessary training to their grantees in areas such as workforce engagement, performance management, HR policy compliance and total rewards. Since 2000, we have worked with hundreds of national and community-based mission-driven organizations to strengthen their human resources capacity.

See more information on how we can partner with you to customize a solution to support your grantees.

Visit our Foundations information page.

“Nonprofit HR is an invaluable partner to Achieve. Their team of consultants have reshaped our HR department and their guidance, leadership and expertise have enabled our employees to focus on their work and further our mission.”
-Sandy Boyd, COO

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