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EXTENDED: Take the 2017 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey!

Our 10th annual Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey is now open (through June 9), and we need your participation to identify employment and talent trends in the nonprofit sector. Join the hundreds of other nonprofit organizations that have already completed the survey to help us uncover:

  • How does nonprofit hiring compare to for-profit hiring?
  • What roles are in highest demand at nonprofit organizations?
  • How can the nonprofit sector improve its approach to talent?

These are questions we can only answer with your help. Take the quick, 20-minute survey now. You’ll receive access to the survey infographic and comprehensive report before anyone else.


  • nonprofit leadership elitism

    The Real Solution to Nonprofit Leadership Elitism

    In the March issue cover story “Elites at Work,” The Chronicle of Philanthropy explored a growing concern among many in the social sector that nonprofit leadership is becoming too elite, and thereby too disconnected from the populations their organizations serve. This concern has only grown in recent months as...
  • How to invest in nonprofit talent when your budget is tight

    Talent plays a critical role in nonprofit performance, but according to our 2016 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey, 84 percent of nonprofits don’t have a formal retention strategy in place, and nonprofit employee turnover has gradually increased over the past few years. These data point to an ineffective approach to...

Webinar: Hands off? The Board's Role in Human Resource Management

What role should your board play when it comes to managing your organization’s talent? Purchase a webinar led by Lisa Brown Alexander and Sidney Abrams of Nonprofit HR to learn the appropriate role your nonprofit board should play in human resource management.

With the right partnership between your board and your staff, your organization’s team will be strengthened so you can further your mission.


The 2017 Nonprofit Talent Management Priorities Survey

What is the nonprofit sector most concerned about when it comes to talent management? That’s the question we endeavored to answer in our inaugural Nonprofit Talent Management Priorities Survey. The results shape how we and others who serve the nonprofit sector respond to its unique needs. They should also shape the way your organization directs its efforts around talent and culture in the year ahead.


“Focus on the Important” Nonprofit Conference @ North Park University, Johnson Center
Jun 6 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Why is reclaiming your purpose significant now? Constant change and disruptions have required all of us to course correct, especially in Illinois. It’s easy to forget why what we do matters. Your glass may seem half empty, but as nonprofit leaders, we know that the glass is always half full. Refocusing on our purpose as individuals, organizations and advocates does matter; it matters to our colleagues, clients and supporters. Join us as we examine how tapping into your purpose strengthens the foundation for sustainability in the midst of unprecedented distractions. It’s time to refocus on what matters and why.

Nonprofit HR CEO Lisa Brown Alexander will deliver a session “It Matters to Colleagues” from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Learn more and register here.

Nonprofit Compensation Planning Is Essential for Attracting & Retaining Key Employees @ Webinar
Jun 15 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Compensation planning can be an intimidating process for a nonprofit organization. While budgeting salary and benefits may seem objective, it is actually influenced by many factors including: philosophical considerations, competition, regulation, etc. You should understand the critical elements that need to be included in your compensation plan and the timeframe for developing a reality-based compensation plan.

Join us for our webinar, Nonprofit Compensation Planning Is Essential for Attracting & Retaining Key Employees presented by Sidney Abrams, Director of Consulting Services, and Heather de la Riva, Director of Virtual Outsourcing, brought to you by KNOWLEDGEConferences.

Program Highlights

Mr. Abrams and Ms. de la Riva will cover:

  • Required elements of a compensation plan including salary, benefits, and other forms of compensation both financial and nonfinancial in nature
  • Developing a compensation philosophy that fits your nonprofit
  • The process for approving the compensation of your CEO/executive director and certain other key executives
  • The importance of conducting an independent review of compensation decisions, using objective comparative salary data, and documenting your decisions as part of your board minutes
  • Understanding how to interpret comparative salary data and how to benchmark your compensation decisions
  • How to effectively communicate your compensation plan with your employees
  • The importance of conducting an annual review of your compensation plan

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``Whenever I am asked about my job, people can tell how much I enjoy it. It is fabulous to be able to work in a role where I know that my contributions are helping nonprofits achieve their remarkable missions. The management team is amazingly inspiring in that they live the company values they preach and are constantly challenging us to new heights.``

Alicia SchoshinksiSenior HR Business Partner


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