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Women to Watch 2022 Michelle Brier: Service, Growth, Leadership

Women to Watch 2022 Koua Franz: Social-Emotional Learning, Storytelling, Leadership

Women to Watch 2022 Kavita Mehra: Authenticity, Active Listening, Culture

Women to Watch 2022 Faith Boettger: Community, Impact, Leadership, Mission Driven

Women to Watch 2022 Kristin O’Malley: Curiosity, Diversity, Courage

Women to Watch 2022 Luana Vaetoe: Innovation, Community, Transparency

Women to Watch 2022 Rosemary C. Jordan: Healthcare, Dedication, Equity

Women to Watch 2022 Shawna Young: Technology, Inclusion, Accountability

Investing in, Developing and Growing Your Teams for Greater Mission Impact

Women to Watch 2022 Angela Caraway: Vulnerability, Inspiration, Trust, Perseverance

Women to Watch 2022 Cynthia Buiza: Curiosity, Clarity, Inclusion & Justice

Women to Watch 2022 Eleace Sawyers: Leadership, Mentorship, Engagement, Respect

Women to Watch 2022 Dr. Jennifer Cartland: Connection, Growth, Open Mindedness, Potential

Woman to Watch 2022 Terri L. White: Mental Health, Public Health, Leadership

Woman to Watch 2022 Bianca Anderson: Race Equity, Disruption, Relationships, Authenticity

Woman to Watch 2022 Amy Hinojosa: Women’s Advocacy, Community, Belonging

Building and Promoting a Culture of Feedback featuring Lori Kipnis & Laura Green

Q&A with Impact Search Advisors by Nonprofit HR featuring Myra Briggs, Search Experts & DEI Experts

Partnering Internally for Employer Brand Success featuring Atokatha Ashmond Brew, Lori Kipnis and AHLA

We’ve Virtualized Our Workforce – Now What? Featuring Dr. Tracye Weeks & Nonprofit HR Expert Consultants

Reset, Identify, Develop & Sustain High Performing People for Your Social Enterprise featuring Patty Hampton

Follow the “New” Leader featuring Myra Briggs, Danisha Martin & Jami Armstrong

Women to Watch 2021: Shirley Anne Smith, Executive Director of the Atlanta Fire and Rescue Foundation

Women to Watch 2021: Gabriela Proaño Interviewed by Lindsey Otto

Social Enterprise Leadership Spotlight: Kayla Castañeda from Agua Bonita Interviewed by Patty Hampton and Lisa Wright Ponce

Social Enterprise Leadership Spotlight: Philip Gaskin from Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Interviewed by Patty Hampton

Social Enterprise Leadership Spotlight: Arjun Durr from Ashoka Interviewed by Patty Hampton and Lisa Wright Ponce

2021 Women to Watch: Dr. Janiece Mackey featuring Mishka Parkins

2021 Women to Watch: Alicia C. Aebersold interviewed by Lindsey Otto

Staying The Course: Sustaining Your Organization’s DEI Strategy During Times of Crisis

2021 Women to Watch: Diana Wilson Featuring Lindsey Otto

2021 Women to Watch: Cameron Vigil featuring Mishka Parkins

Fostering a Culture of Inclusion & Self-Learning to Retain High-Performing Talent

How to Identify High-Performing Talent & What They Want

Attract High-Performing Talent Through Culture Engagement

Employee Engagement & Belonging Practices in Nonprofits

Race & Diversity Practices in Nonprofits

Talent Attraction & Diverse Recruitment Practices in Nonprofits

The Impact of Everything: Leading Ourselves Through Crisis Fatigue

Critical Steps for Successful Workplace Re-entry

Leveraging Technology for 21st Century Interviewing

Pause or Pivot – Unforeseen C-suite Vacancies During Covid-19 Pandemic

Nonprofit Retention Practices for 2019

Inclusive Workforce Planning & Diversity Practices in Nonprofits

The Post Pandemic Social Impact Leader featuring Billy Shore

Keeping Your People Together During Covid-19 Crisis

Grief, Trauma & Depression in a Crisis

Existing & New Regulations During Covid-19 Pandemic

Virtualizing Your Recruitment & Onboarding Experience