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Nonprofit HR is widely recognized as a leader in gathering data and developing talent management resources for nonprofit leaders and human resources professionals. From culture management to harassment prevention to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, we provide the guidance your organization needs to best support your people.

2019 Talent Management Priorities Survey Results Now Available!

The results from Nonprofit HR’s 2019 Talent Management Priorities survey are in, revealing key trends for how organizations are managing their talent management efforts to achieve their missions. Among key trends are recruiting, assessing culture, employee engagement, and implementing technologies for talent-focused initiatives. This is the third consecutive year that Nonprofit HR has conducted the survey of local, regional and national nonprofits and shared the results of their aggregate talent priorities.

Watch this webinar recording and learn where talent acquisition, total rewards, technology, performance management and learning rank for hundreds of organizations representing multiple missions, sizes and locations.

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Upcoming events

Continuous Performance Management: Why’s It So Hard?
Nov 12 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

This webinar is sponsored by Cornerstone On Demand. Visit them online.

Performance management is the most important internal process at your organization. It is the only process that, regardless of function or level, touches all employees equally. Getting that process right for your organization is a critical component to culture and team building, employee engagement and talent retention.

Over the last few years, a push toward continuous performance management has emerged as a leading driver in talent strategies across the nonprofit sector.  If we all “know” this to be a great idea, why do so many organizations have difficulties adopting this approach to talent management? In this webinar, we explore the critical factors of implementing a continuous performance management strategy.

Walk away from this webinar with a clear understanding of:

1) how to assess your current state to determine if a continuous performance model is a good fit for your organization

2) how to navigate common roadblocks to adopting a successful continuous performance model

3) strategies to embrace a culture of development and dialogue between employees and their managers

Webinar Presenters

Lisa Brown Alexander
President & CEO
Nonprofit HR
Jeremy Spake
Principal, Thought Leadership & Advisory Services

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What Lisa brings to the discussion:

Lisa is the President and CEO of Nonprofit HR. Under her direction, Nonprofit HR has served some of the most prominent organizations in the country. With more than two decades of human resource management experience working with nonprofits and for-profit organizations, Lisa and her firm have proven that better HR can play an integral role in nonprofit success. See Lisa’s full bio.

What Jerry brings to the discussion:

Jeremy’s experience ranges both as a business leader and consultant in compensation, mergers & acquisitions, workforce analytics, and strategic planning.  At Cornerstone, Jeremy develops compensation strategies to advise clients on how to drive theory into practice. Areas of focus have included change initiatives in compensation planning; short & long-term incentive plan design; continuous performance management and succession planning.


Confessions of a Recruiter
Dec 4 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Recruiters are professional matchmakers. They scour hundreds of resumes every week and have an eye for matching a candidate’s skills with open positions. They also match candidates to cultures. By analyzing behaviors, curating diverse talent pools and building relationships, successful recruiters have mastered the art and science of finding the “right fit.”

Join us for a webinar with Nonprofit HR’s Recruitment Business Partner, Sophia LaFontant, to hear some practical tips on creating or improving your recruitment strategy and plan. You will walk away with practical tips on:

  • attracting 21st century job candidates and hiring candidates with diverse skillsets
  • reading between the (resume) lines to identify candidates that will exceed expectations
  • maintaining culture as your organization acquires new talent

Webinar Presenter

Sophia LaFontant
Recruitment Business Partner
Nonprofit HR


What Sophia brings to the table?

As a Recruitment Business Partner, Sophia LaFontant, finds the best and brightest candidates to fulfill employment opportunities for Nonprofit HR’s clients.  She is passionate about the professional development of new candidates and the growth of the Talent Acquisition Practice Area.

Sophia has a diverse professional background and started her career as an investigator for the Attorney General of the State of Florida before transitioning to human resources at the Department of Homeland Security. She also worked as a recruiter with the Public Defender Service (PDS) for the District of Columbia and D.C. Courts and helped increase diversity within both agencies by expanding partnerships with 52 targeted educational institutions and associations. Her expertise includes establishing talent acquisition initiatives targeting diversity; designing interactive training methods; and administering payroll, benefits, and retirement. See Sophia’s full bio.

DC Paid FML – Take II
Dec 11 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

You may have learned by now that there’s a new paid leave tax in town. That’s right! Specific to Washington, D.C. based organizations, and those with employees working in the District of Columbia, the new tax went into effect July 1, 2019 and all employers are now required to comply with this new regulation.

The new tax, DCPFML or DC Paid Family Leave (FML) tax covers the payments to individuals whose leave is approved under the new DC Paid Family Leave law. Payments to individuals, referred to as “Benefits” will begin in July of 2020. Sign up for this webinar and hear updates to this new law since July 2019.

We’ll talk about these five key focus areas:

    • Aspects of the new tax
    • Challenges for employers
    • Key time monitoring measures
    • Updating employee resources, including policies and handbooks
  • Additional updates and impacts from DC DOES

Sign up now and get answers to your questions! 

Webinar Presenter






Lisa McKeown
Total Rewards Practice Leader
Nonprofit HR

What Lisa Brings to the discussion:

Lisa offers clients more than 25 years of experience in global benefits, compensation and HRIS, with unique expertise in global compensation strategy, program design and operations. Known to bring a strong service orientation to every project she touches, Lisa a critical thinker who thoughtfully develops programs that are differentiating for clients and their employees, alike. Lisa’s toolbox is well-equipped, bringing clients stellar services on program design, systems implementation, vendor selection and management, HR policy development, as well as written and verbal communication and staff management. See Lisa’s full bio.


Featured Insight: Habits of Highly Effective Nonprofit Leaders

What sets the effective nonprofit leaders apart from the rest? We have the answers.

We connected with high-performing nonprofit leaders from organizations like the National 4-H Council and the YWCA and asked them what makes them tick. Each leader had unique insights into key habits that help them lead effectively, which we synergized into four key themes.

The most effective leaders:

  1. Place a high value on education
  2. Empower others
  3. Embrace Change
  4. Leverage their networks

These are habits you can cultivate in yourself and in your most promising nonprofit employees.