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Our Careers

Joining our team means that you become part of a wonderful community of leaders and professionals, and get involved in business development, special projects and new initiatives that help define our present and future work. See how we define our core values below!

work, redefined.

Here at Nonprofit HR, we practice what we preach. We know that our company is only as strong as the people that work within it, so we seek out and hire the best and brightest professionals in our industry.


Values-Led & Results-Oriented

We have prioritized building a culture of innovation, inclusion and empowerment. We are also deeply committed to advancing flexibility, authenticity and opportunity. As thought leaders in the talent management space, we are called upon to advise, design, implement and evaluate client solutions all aimed at advancing the people needs of social impact organizations and the communities they serve.

At any given time, Nonprofit HR consultants are collectively serving hundreds of clients of varying missions and sizes — each with their own unique organizational identities and needs — we are values-led and remain focused on driving engagement, results and impact.

Our Core Values

Nonprofit HR’s culture is trust-based, values-driven and results-oriented. Our shared values are at the center of how we work and collaborate with our colleagues internally and externally. We believe in being:
  • Accountable
  • Agile
  • Authentic
  • Extraordinary
  • Inclusive
  • Innovative
  • Impactful
We define being accountable as demonstrating ownership of our roles, responsibilities and resources as well as an understanding of the effects of our own actions on colleagues, clients and community.
We define being agile as readily adjusting to changing business needs, conditions and work; demonstrating comfort with the uncomfortable including undefined and unstructured situations.
We define being authentic as bringing our true selves to work and consistently aligning our actions with our words and our values.
We define being extraordinary as demonstrating remarkable performance, going above and beyond to design solutions, provide service and produce high-quality work.
We define being inclusive as openly celebrating our shared backgrounds and experiences as well as our differences; working intentionally to foster and grow a climate of fairness, equity and consistency.
We define being innovative as recognizing that our willingness to embrace our creativity, be entrepreneurial and paint outside of the lines will fuel both our passions and growth — individually and firmwide.
We define being impactful as taking action that drives desired results for our community and those they serve.

A Message from Our CEO

We believe in giving our clients and colleagues our best! Also, we believe that giving our best requires that we take care of ourselves and take time to integrate our personal and professional lives. Employee well-being is at the center of our workplace culture. And because we operate from a results-oriented, trust-based environment, we empower our staff to manage their own schedules and to enjoy our flexible leave policy. To us, doing our best work is all about maximizing the impact of the organizations we serve and supporting their communities and missions.

Does Nonprofit HR sound like the place where you can thrive? Do you have a deep desire to use your talents to advance social good? Are you a high performer who is driven to compete against yourself and win? If you’d like to be part of the oldest talent management consulting firm in the country that works exclusively with the social sector, visit our site often for new career opportunities.

Lisa Brown Alexander, Founder, President & CEO
I share with family and friends that everything is great at work because there’s always more growth personally and professionally and I feel happy working with great, smart individuals.
Mark Fefelov
Business Operations Manager
This is the best job that I’ve ever had and the best environment that I’ve worked in.
Chantel Simms, MBA
Team Leader & Senior Consultant, Outsourcing

Whenever I am asked about my job, people can tell how much I enjoy it. It is fabulous to be able to work in a role where I know that my contributions are helping nonprofits achieve their remarkable missions. Working with a wide variety of clients provides me with the opportunity to deal with all kinds of HR and talent issues. Working at Nonprofit HR not only provides me with this client experience.

It also provides me with the opportunity to work with a great team of HR professionals who all have strong experience, believe in providing top quality service and advice, are dedicated to the work of nonprofits and work collegially.

The management team is amazingly inspiring in that they live the company values they preach and are constantly challenging us to new heights. They foster an environment of support, trust and transparency. There is always the opportunity to grow and be challenged in our firm, and to find new ways to impact the nonprofit sector.

Alicia Schoshinski
Chief People & Culture Officer