Lisa Brown Alexander

Lisa Brown Alexander's engaging talks will inspire your event attendees to break down barriers and challenge the status quo.

Over sixteen years ago, Lisa set out to build a market where one didn’t exist. She founded Nonprofit HR, the leading human resources firm in the country that works exclusively with the nonprofit sector. Today, her thriving company is helping many of the world’s most prominent nonprofit organizations get ahead through smart human resources strategies, and in the process, they’re changing the way an entire sector thinks about talent and culture.

Lisa’s unique insights into the nonprofit sector, talent and culture and building a successful business in the face of seemingly unsurmountable challenges will leave your audience with the ideas and tools they need to make positive changes in their own organizations and careers.

Under her direction, Nonprofit HR has served some of the most prominent organizations in the country, including Amnesty International, Independent Sector and NeighborWorks America. With more than two decades of human resource management experience working with nonprofits and for-profit organizations, Lisa and her firm have proven that better HR can play an integral role in nonprofit success. Nonprofits have benefited from her wealth of knowledge and experience to make their people-driven initiatives successful. She believes if an organization can strengthen its internal HR capacity, it can better serve the community and those in need. Lisa brings these beliefs to every engagement, and inspires nonprofit leaders to strengthen their most important asset: their people.

Lisa actively contributes to the strength of the nonprofit sector through her advisory roles with Fund the People and Equity in the Center initiatives. She is a frequent speaker at national nonprofit conferences and events and has authored scores of articles in nonprofit and HR publications on human resources issues. Lisa also serves on the board of directors of the DC Chamber of Commerce, Community Youth Advance (formerly Mentoring to Manhood) and the Prince Georges Cultural Arts Foundation.

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Lisa is recognized in the DC community for her commitment to the nonprofit sector.

Lisa Brown Alexander has been featured on WJLA ABC7’s Working Woman Series. The segment not only details Lisa’s journey to start and grow the leading HR firm in the country that works exclusively with nonprofits, but also highlights the strength and size of the nonprofit sector.

Lisa is frequently called upon by media for her expertise about talent and culture in the nonprofit sector.

Business of givingNonprofit HR President and CEO Lisa Brown Alexander joined Denver Frederick of TheBusiness of Giving to discuss the importance of talent and culture in the nonprofit sector.

Listen to the full interview to hear more about the intersection between talent, culture, mission and sustainability.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

May 2017: A Focus on Inclusive Innovation
Economic Intelligence Roundtable
Washington, D.C.

Past Speaking Engagements

June 2017: It Matters to Colleagues
Focus on the Important Nonprofit Conference
Washington, D.C.

January 2017: Nonprofit Employee Retention Strategies
501(c) Agencies Trust Webinar
Washington, D.C.

November 2016: Hiring Practices that Create a Culture of Innovation
Independent Sector Conference 2016
Washington, D.C.

May 2016: Becoming an Employer of Choice
OPERA America’s Opera Conference 2016
Montreal, QC

May 2016: Why Talent Matters to Mission: Human Capital Management Practices & Trends for 2016 and Beyond
Executive Leadership Institute
Ann Arbor, MI

April 2016: Why Talent Matters to Mission: Human Capital Management Practices & Trends for 2016 and Beyond 
Cincinnati, OH

February 2016: Public and Nonprofit Sectors as Employers Panel
JobsFirstNYC – Community-Based, Demand Driven: Strategies for Building Next Generation Programs Series
New York, NY

February 2016: Career Pathways Into & Around the World
JobsFirstNYC – Community-Based, Demand Driven: Strategies for Building Next Generation Programs Series
New York, NY

November 2015: Leading Age Annual Conference

Panelist: Senior Leadership Development The COO’s Role
Boston, MA

September 2015: 15th Annual Public Private Partnership Conference
Topic: Trends of the nonprofit sector, how to encourage millennials to seek nonprofit careers and strategies for funding and grant-making

September 2015: Superior Engagement Managers (SEMs) & U.S. Nonprofit Organizations
Topic: How superior Engagement Managers (SEMs) drive employee engagement and develop in nonprofits

July 2015: Inside NGO’s Pathways to Excellence Conference 2015
Topic: Latest trends, insights, tools and critical skills

January 2015: Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, Alliance Management Institute
Moderator – Keynote Session: “Strategic Partnerships”
Salt Lake City, UT

November 2014: 2014 Independent Sector National Conference
Panelist: “Reimagining the Workforce of 2025”
Seattle, WA

October 2014: Northern California Human Resources Association
Topic: “Collaborative & Strategic Thinking: HR As Business Partners”

October 2014:2014 BoardSource Leadership Forum (BLF|2014)
Topic: “Hands Off? The Board’s Role in Human Resources Management”

October 2014: National Industries for the Blind | Human Resources Forum
Topic: “Best Practices in Talent Management Strategies”
Crystal City, VA

June 2014: Minnesota Council for Nonprofits Leadership Conference
Topic: “Nonprofit Workplace Trends: Putting Best Practices to Work”
Minneapolis, MN

April 2014: 2014 Positioned for Progress Conference
Topic: “How to Manage Without an HR Department”

April 2014: HR West Annual Conference
Topic:”Collaborative & Strategic Thinking for HR”
San Francisco, CA

Lisa’s most popular talks:

  • How To Turn Your HR Department Into a Powerhouse
  • The Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey: Key Findings and What They Mean to Your Nonprofit
  • Workplace Culture: Is Yours Healthy?
  • Employee Engagement: What Every Organization Should be Doing Now
  • Collaborative & Strategic Thinking for HR
  • The State of HR in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Executive Director Reviews: Aligning with Organizational Goals, Performance & Outcomes
  • Finding Top Talent to Drive Your Mission Forward
  • Making the Business Case for HR in Nonprofits
  • The Talent Factor: How Top Talent Can Make Your Nonprofit’s Mission a Reality
  • Overcoming the “Dark Side” of Entrepreneurship
  • Unemployable? Why Unemployed Individuals May Be Just the Type of Talent Your Nonprofit Needs
  • The X Factor: Why Some Nonprofit Leaders Succeed and Others Fail
  • Talent Underinvestment: Why the Nonprofit Sector Undervalues Talent and What We Can Do About It
  • Underpaid, Overworked and Undervalued? Combatting Stereotypes About Nonprofit Employment
  • Goodbye Glass Ceiling: Is Gender and Race Still Holding Us Back in the Workplace?
  • Understanding Overhead: Reimagining the Role of Staff in the 21st Century Nonprofit
  • Building Mission-Driven Leaders from Within
  • The Retention Equation: Why Your Best Talent is Leaving and What You Can Do About It
  • The Role of CEOs in Creating Hard-to-Resist

``Retaining the services of Nonprofit HR ranks as one of the best decisions I have ever made as a CEO.``

Gary A. Officer - Former President and CEO, Rebuilding together

“Nonprofit HR has done excellent work in supporting our temporary staffing needs.``

Anna M. Spriggs, SPHR - VP Human Resources, Truth Initiative

``I consider Nonprofit HR to be a partner in all that I do.``

Deborah White - Former VP Human Resources, APPA