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Crafting an effective compensation program requires both art and science. It entails examining the external marketplace while constructing the organization’s compensation structure, and then delving inward to establish the foundation of the compensation program. This encompasses the compensation philosophy, pay practices, and strategy.

Upon completion of the discovery phase, the compensation project enters its execution stage. This phase encompasses several key steps: job summary matching, market analysis, building the compensation structure, and staff benchmarking analysis.

Job summary matching involves meticulously reviewing your organization’s roles and aligning them with suitable matches from our extensive salary survey library. We emphasize the involvement of managers closely connected to the roles, as their insights foster transparency and trust in crafting the salary structure. Upon validating the job summary matches, we proceed to construct your salary structure.

It’s essential to understand that salary structures aren’t intended to restrict pay but rather to provide a flexible framework for overseeing financial resources and guiding salary-related decisions.

The artistry of constructing a compensation program lies in defining the organization’s compensation philosophy. This philosophy elucidates the rationale behind employee compensation and should mirror the mission, values, and stance on diversity, inclusion, and equity. It serves as your declaration concerning compensation, benefits, and initiatives aimed at engaging and motivating your staff.

Defining the framework for pay practices, including aspects like promotions, merit increases, and market adjustments, is an integral part of shaping a comprehensive compensation program.

Our approach to your compensation project is one of partnership throughout all phases. We bring our wealth of experience to support you across the project’s entirety. Each phase seamlessly builds upon the previous one, necessitating decisions from your organization. Our expertise provides practical and effective guidance, tailored to your organization’s current position and future aspirations. Whether your organization is looking for a compensation consulting, analysis, advisory or an assessment, together, we’ll navigate the journey from where you are to where you aim to be.



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With Nonprofit HR as your partner, you can fully engage, empower and sustain your people through a holistic Total Rewards approach that fully aligns with your organization’s people management priorities, strategic plan and shared values.

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