Diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and belonging have taken on new meaning in today’s environment. Never before have we seen such a level of urgency among social sector leadership to “get it right” and quickly.

DEI Thought Partnership

Our experiences working with social impact organizations of all sizes have informed how we work with our clients across missions, locations, size and purposes. Sometimes knowing where and how to embark on your organization’s work in diversity, equity and inclusion can be the hardest step. It is not uncommon for nonprofits, associations, philanthropy and Social Enterprises to struggle with where to begin their DEI journeys.

We’re here to: Listen to you, share our expertise, and help you arrive at what makes for sense for you and your team.

Our in-house talent management leaders provide expert-level thought partnership aimed at helping you challenge your thinking, change your paradigms, assumptions and actions, and provoke you to innovate in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion in a way that recognizes the unique internal and external factors impacting your organization.

Diversity Strategy Planning, Development, Design and Implementation

Before launching into any DEI initiative, it is important for an organization to explore its alignment to its mission, strategy, goals and objectives and willingness to commit both time and resources. Nonprofit HR partners with client organizations to thought partner and facilitate the planning, design, development and implementation of DEI initiatives. Our services in planning, development, design and implementation require that we first understand your organization’s work and the environment in which you do it, before taking any action toward building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Our primary focus: To listen and to understand your needs. Doing so enables us to design solutions that will meet your organization’s unique environment in a way that is grounded in best practice and DEI-centered principles.

Equity Reviews and Assessments

Our equity assessment work involves the collection and analysis of organizational information in order to determine the extent to which your mission, programs and operations are equitable for each member of your team. Our assessment work involves a deep examination of all aspects of your talent management ecosystem from workplace planning and hiring, to total rewards, to performance and culture management through to succession and transition planning. Each component of your talent management program is reviewed with the goal of both identifying and addressing strengths and weaknesses related to equity.

We’re ready to partner with you! Reach out to us now to get your organization’s equity assessment started.

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DEI Related Training (Board, Leadership & Staff)

Training compromises a critical component of any success DEI strategy. Whether we are assisting you with designing diversity, equity and inclusion-based training or simply delivering it, our ultimate goal is to drive for learning programs and services aimed at shifting behavior and creating meaningful and impactful change within your organization.

Whether delivered virtually or in person, our customized training programs empower your teams with the knowledge and actionable tools necessary to live in and contribute to a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.

Our expert learning and development facilitators assist your Board, Leadership and staff understand and take ownership of the actions necessary to create the kind of workplaces needed in today’s world and in the world of the future.

Need immediate training? Contact us to learn more about our offerings and to customize an experience for your organization.

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DEI Related Facilitation

Is your organization seeking to create a collection DEI vision or identify roadblocks to difficult yet honest, authentic discussion and discovery? Nonprofit HR’s DEI-focused facilitation services provide a neutral, yet experienced presence that can listen, translate and help advance your organization’s efforts to build and foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. Our work in this space is designed to help you articulate discussion goals and outcomes, determine the essential discussion participants needed to facilitate discovery, help you set a clear, actionable agenda and create a plan that you can use to inform your organization’s DEI journey.

No two facilitation sessions are alike.

Reach out to us today to help you create a customized experience that addresses what’s important to you.

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