CEED has exclusively retained Nonprofit HR to assist in its recruitment efforts for their Deputy Director.

CEED is a 501c3 organization that works to ensure that communities and policy makers have the tools and information they need to create just, sustainable energy and environmental policy. Working in collaboration with grassroots communities, policy makers and researchers, CEED conducts research and advocacy, and provides community education and capacity building on important energy, environment, and development issues – so that all members of society may effectively participate in public decision-making.

CEED’s mission is grounded in the affirmation of the interconnectedness of the human and natural world and is committed to inspiring the change needed to create a healthy and vibrant environment for all communities in current and future generations. CEED is grounded in principle of self-determination of Indigenous, communities of color, and low income communities, and we gear our work toward building economic and political democracy.

CEED is strengthening their foundation through growth with a desire to bring aboard diverse employees who can have both technical and analytical skills, have understanding and knowledge of the needs of environmental justice communities, and are committed to CEEDs mission. Visit CEED online.


The Deputy Director reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for the oversight of staff, mentorship, and day-to-day operations of the Center for Earth Energy and Democracy.  The Deputy Director will work collaboratively with the Executive Director and external partners (to include but not limited to, national environmental organizations, legislative staff, and government agencies) to implement a tactical plan for programming and a structure for career development of employees.

The Deputy Director is chief steward of the organization’s operational performance, leading and managing CEED’s leadership team and staff in assessing, developing, implementing, measuring and evaluating the performance and outcomes of targeted strategic and operational opportunities to advance the agenda of CEED. The Deputy Director’s focus of efforts include:

  • Strengthening CEED’s convening presence, its community engagement, its community outreach effectiveness and its programmatic effectiveness in Indigenous, and communities of color, and low income communities;
  • Identifying and prioritizing potential inter-agency partnerships to enhance service delivery capacity, improve programmatic outcomes and demonstrate effective impact within Indigenous, communities of color and low income communities;
  • Preserve CEED’s administrative support capacity including (Finance, Fundraising, Human Resources, Information Technology, Communications, Volunteers and Risk Management) to deliver the promise that communities and policy makers will have the tools and information they need to create just, sustainable energy and environmental policy.

Working closely with the Executive Director, the Deputy Director will be:

  • Responsible for providing visionary, strategic leadership and establishing credibility throughout the organization with employees as an effective developer of solutions to business challenges;
  • Entrepreneurial, with an ability to develop alliances and navigate a variety of key stakeholder relationships, interests and agendas, with excellent communications and problem-solving skills designed to meet the challenges of the organization;
  • Pro-active in leveraging the organization’s resources to take advantage of opportunities to grow revenue, expand programs, and reduce expenses;
  • Tactically-focused in the development, project/process management and implementation of the organization’s plans and programs, aligning internal teams and resources with the Executive Director’s long- and mid- term strategic priorities;
  • A dynamic leader who can build and execute thoughtful and ambitious strategies while ensuring operational excellence;
  • Exceptional interpersonally and facile in people management skills, with the ability to build and manage high-performing, cohesive teams; and
  • A results-oriented motivator with high standards for results.

Position may require travel within the U.S.  Evening and weekend work will sometimes be necessary to meet constituents and business leaders, participate in events, and otherwise fulfill the needs of the position.

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