Is Your Employee Handbook Outdated? Partner with Our Strategy & Advisory Experts to Update It!

Regardless of the size of your organization, an employee handbook is essential. A well-crafted, vetted and legally compliant manual is important as it gives employees a detailed overview of policies specific to your organization along with other key procedures, guidelines and employee benefits. A handbook is also a vital introduction to your organization for new hires, providing insights to understand your mission and values. Standardizing and documenting the expectations of your employees provides clarity, structure and a positive workplace culture. An organization’s policies and procedures should be reviewed periodically through a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) lens to reflect any changes in or clarifications of policies.

Benefits of a well-written guidebook of policies and procedures include:

  • Knowing your history.
  • Drafting policies that represent your company values and unique culture.
  • Defining and clarifying expectations for all employees.
  • Creating uniformity, transparency and consistency in your organization.

Our Service Offerings:


  • Legally compliant with federal, state and local employment laws
  • Multi-state
  • EDIJ lens
  • Includes 1 round of edits

Handbook + EDIJ Review 

  • Standard package plus:
  • EDIJ expert review and feedback

Handbook + Focus Groups 

  • Plus package plus:
  • Up to 5 focus groups to capture VOE (voice of employee)
  • Executive summary of themes from focus group sessions
  • Includes 2 rounds of edits