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The best nonprofit professionals are constantly learning. Whether you want to explore new ways to hone your leadership style or learn critical skills for giving and receiving feedback, we have a training course for you. Browse our course catalog and select the training sessions that appeal to you and your staff. Each course can be approached from a high level with a one-hour session, covered in-depth over the span of an entire day, or anything in between. Training sessions can be offered on a one-on-one basis or with a group. Fill out the form below to begin designing your custom learning experience or learn more about Nonprofit HR’s training.

Browse our HR Training Course Catalog:

  • Collaborative and Strategic Thinking for HR

    Strategic and operational focus, people and process are the cornerstones to any strategic business partnership. Attend this session and develop an approach to align strategy to structure and performance; think collaboratively and build a partnership that will influence change.
  • Building Your Nonprofit’s Employment Brand: The Candidate Experience

    Jobseekers care about their experience as a candidate. It shapes their outlook and perceived employment experience. Explore your employment branding and discover how to leverage it to find top talent.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

    As many leaders know, the old adage is true: "It's not what you say, but how you say it." In this course, you'll learn to manage challenging interactions by exploring the fundamentals of giving and receiving feedback.
  • group-employees-cheering-success

    Managing for Mutual Success

    Today's leaders are responsible for more work, more resources and bigger teams. In this session, emerging supervisors can explore leadership styles and how to achieve success by understanding and leveraging their influence.
  • The Challenges of Managing People

    Challenges in the workplace are unavoidable, but the way they're handled by supervisors is critical to organizational health. This session teaches new and emerging leaders to cultivate the skills necessary to manage people effectively.
  • Nonprofit Employment Trends

    The Nonprofit Trends Survey is a national survey of leading nonprofit organizations produced annually by Nonprofit HR. It focuses on four key areas: staff size and projected growth, recruitment strategies and budgeting, staffing challenges and staffing resource management. This session uncovers key findings, outlines what they mean for your organization and explores the role HR can play to overcome those barriers.
  • Woman-looking-at-man-hand-on-her-shoulder

    Training: Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    In this course, we'll discuss what constitutes sexual harassment and common themes that surface in the workplace. You'll identify ways to bolster your organization's prevention policy, discover what is required of supervisors to comply and explore ways to address harassment through situational learning.
  • Transitioning to the Nonprofit Sector

    Nonprofits represent 6.2% of our nation's economy and employ 11.7 million people. The sector is experiencing explosive growth and will need to attract 2.4 times the number of people currently employed to meet increasing demand, so there is sure to be an opportunity for you. Find out how to align your interests, experience and energy with a worthwhile mission that matters.
  • recruiting-interviewing-hiring

    Recruiting & Interviewing – Hiring the Right Talent to Move the Mission Forward

    Integrity, intelligence, ambition and energy. We know you want all that and more in your next hire. The process of identifying and selecting top talent is critical to your organization's success. Explore tools, strategies and recent trends on the leading edge of first class recruitment.
  • hr-metrics-dashboard

    Nonprofit HR Metrics for Organizational Strategy and Planning

    Think metrics only matter to technology and accounting? Think again. Metrics may be more important to your HR than any other function at your organization. Learn why metrics matter, uncover common pitfalls and best practices, and become the master of driving change through data.
  • woman-reading-book

    HR 101: Fundamentals for Non-HR Professionals

    If your organization is like most, labor is one of your biggest costs, yet human resources planning and implementation often gets put on the backburner. Learn how to master the fundamental components of HR and build a solid strategy that will take your HR from part-time to prime time.
  • employee-engagement

    Leveraging Employee Engagement for Organizational Success

    Innovative workplace cultures are fluid, empowering and engagement-focused. Explore tips on measuring engagement, the costs and pitfalls associated with disengagement and strategies to pull people back into the mission.
  • The Engagement Effect: Leadership, Influence and Social Style

    Learn what it means to lead by identifying key leadership competencies and exploring power versus influence and your own social style.
  • Equal Opportunity and Veterans Reporting

    Race, gender, veteran status. Learn how the size of your organization or your talent’s status as a contractor or sub-contractor impact your compliance requirements.

Or choose from our recorded webinars:

Learn Live: Nonprofit HR Events

Nonprofit HR offers free and low-cost events designed to help nonprofit professionals learn critical human resources skills and enhance their approach to talent and culture. Browse our upcoming events below.

2017 BoardSource Leadership Forum @ Sheraton Seattle Hotel
Oct 20 @ 9:45 am – 11:00 am

Join Nonprofit HR CEO Lisa Brown Alexander and Managing Director of Consulting Services Sidney Abrams for a discussion on the board’s role in human resource management. 

How involved should your board be in human resource matters? Striking the right balance requires careful thought and consideration. With the right partnership between your board and your staff, your organization will be strengthened and better able to drive your mission forward by maximizing your most important asset — your people.

In this interactive session, you’ll gain insights on:

  • the difference between governance and management as it relates to human resources
  • the role and importance of talent to mission and why your board needs to pay attention to human resources
  • the key components of a talent management program and where boards should focus their efforts
  • strategies to develop and delineate board roles related to human resources and talent management


Our Common Future @ Michigan Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
Oct 26 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Talent: The Missing Piece in Nonprofit Sustainability

A sustainable nonprofit is one that uses its resources to attract sustainable talent to help achieve long-term goals. The role of talent can be a divisive and unsung challenge in the charitable sector. Impactful leaders must understand that their long-term goals hinge on clear panning and action for attracting, retaining and developing their team’s talent. Join Nonprofit HR CEO Lisa Brown Alexander for an interactive session on the interdependence of organizational and talent sustainability.

Innovation Design Summit: Social Sector Workforce @ Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk
Nov 16 @ 9:45 am – 10:45 am

Building and Fostering an Inclusive Culture

Nonprofit HR CEO Lisa Brown Alexander’s spark session will help participants develop strategies for moving their organizations beyond the “optics” of diversity to developing a sustainable diversity and inclusion framework that:

  • Makes the mission-critical case for diversity and inclusion beyond just compliance
  • Helps organizations balance inclusion and not just diversity
  • Prioritizes inclusive staff and board leadership
  • Integrates diversity and inclusion into all talent practices, not just recruiting
  • Helps organizations drive accountability and frees them to go beyond metrics tracking
Axelson Center Nonprofit Management Workshop Series @ North Park University, Johnson Center
Dec 6 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Unpredictable external forces (changing governmental regulations, shifting funding streams and tight talent markets) can cause uncertainty for organizational leaders and staff. External forces are not always within your control. How do you focus on what you can control, including organizational culture and employee engagement and retention, to ensure mission sustainability? In this workshop, Nonprofit HR’s Director of Project Consulting Lisa Wright Ponce will guide you through diagnosing your organization’s culture and understanding how to impact engagement directly, resulting in higher employee retention and renewed commitment and passion.

Use the code “Earlybird” to register for a discounted price of $72.

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