About Faith in Action 

Faith in Action is the largest grassroots faith-based community organizing network in the United States. For 40 years Faith in Action (formerly known as PICO National Network) has brought people of faith together to advance racial and economic justice. Through a network of 60 faith-based organizations and 1,200 religious’ congregations, Faith in Action provides an opportunity for thousands of volunteer leaders to stand up and be heard on the public and corporate decisions that most directly shape their lives.

Faith in Action organizations have successfully changed public policies at the local, state and federal level that have helped families obtain affordable health coverage for themselves and their children, provide their children with a better education, protect their homes from foreclosure and secure good jobs. Through an innovative campaign infrastructure that ties together grassroots people-led organizing in more than 200 cities and towns and 18 states with large-scale efforts to change federal policy, Faith in Action is currently leading campaigns to help with citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans, end mass-incarceration and make sure that no one is excluded from the benefits of health reform.

Position Overview

The Director of Learning will work intensively with our local and state partners to build a learning program that equips organizing staff, clergy and lay leaders to lead the faithful work of community building, campaign strategy and winning change. This leader will work with network organizations (federations) to build a program of experimentation and learning toward building multiracial, multifaith organizations that can achieve co-governing power in their local and state environments. Components of this learning program will include: faith-based teaching on the fundamentals of organizing and power building; analysis of how race, gender and class impact the structures we are working to change and affect our own organizations; support with legislative and electoral strategy, and more as required to advance the mission of the network.

Success in the position will be defined by the Director’s ability to organize many federation staff and leaders into collaboratively co-leading and co-creating the learning program as developers of curriculum, trainers, researchers and facilitators.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Build a learning program for staff, clergy and lay leaders to equip them to lead their change work excellently. We expect this program to be deeply informed by an intersectional race/gender/class analysis, with up to date knowledge about adult education, and a mix of digital and in-person learning opportunities.
  • Create a program in which many people get to build curriculum, teach and coach. The Director’s job is not to develop the program alone, but to organize state and national stakeholders inside and outside the Faith in Action network to shape deeply formative and highly practical teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Grow a curriculum that include skills for building and leading powerful organizations, developing and leading from a race/gender/class analysis, designing organizing programs, crafting and moving electoral and legislative campaigns, and working with allies and elected officials.
  • Lead a data-informed program, with clear metrics, solid reporting and regular analysis of quantitative and qualitative results.
  • Build and lead a Learning staff team with skillsets around adult learning program design, curriculum design, and training event coordination.
  • Fundraise for the program including earned income through program registrations and securing philanthropic investment. This will require regular, timely and accurate program reports.

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