The Senior Manager, Marketing is responsible for providing strategic marketing direction and leadership in support of the Society’s mission by building ASH brand equity and raising awareness of ASH’s programs, products, and services. The Senior Manager leads the marketing team in developing and executing marketing plans and social media strategy, ensuring an integrated approach across all departments and communication channels.

A FEW ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Duties that occupy a major portion of time and importance in the job)

  • Works collaboratively with the Society leadership and volunteer task groups to develop new marketing strategies that help achieve the Society’s business goals.
  • Monitors and leverages evolving industry trends and new technologies to drive improvements to marketing strategies.
  • Oversees the collection and analysis of reliable customer data; work with staff across departments to ensure that business decisions about product development, pricing strategy, customer access, and promotion are data-driven and responsive to evolving customer needs and behavior.

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DEI PracticeOur Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Nonprofit HR is committed to fostering and maintaining a work environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are fully integrated into everything we do for the benefit of our employees and the clients that we serve. To fully realize our goal, we prioritize our understanding of the complexities of DEI within our workforce to inform our approach to talent management. We believe that this guides how we do our work, advise our clients to operationalize DEI and position our content and educational opportunities to help strengthen the talent management capacity of the social impact sector. See the full statement.