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For over ten years, Nonprofit HR has been a leader in nonprofit employment, talent and culture research.

As the need for more social sector-specific data evolves and accelerates, we support nonprofit leaders like you with access to actionable, real-time information to drive your organization’s talent agenda forward.

New Report on Nonprofit Diversity Practices

Download a brand new report which includes never before compiled data about diversity practices of social impact organizations across North America. Included in the report you will learn about organizations that have:

  • a formal diversity statement and strategy
  • tips for strengthening your organization’s diversity statement
  • what organizations report as their greatest diversity challenges
  • diversity training tips
  • diversity metrics
  • and much more, including demographic data

Download report now!

Access More Knowledge Resources on the Talent Management Practices of Social-Impact Organizations!

For the last decade, our landmark annual Nonprofit Employment Practices survey filled a space for much needed nonprofit employment data. In 2017, we decided to return the survey and direct our attention to more timely, focused surveys throughout the year.

We conduct up-to-the-minute research on talent priorities, HR benchmarks for nonprofits, the future of diversity, equity and inclusion in the social sector and more.

2019 Talent Management Priorities Survey Results Now Available!


The results from Nonprofit HR’s 2019 Talent Management Priorities survey are in, revealing key trends for how organizations are managing their talent management efforts to achieve their missions. Among key trends are recruiting, assessing culture, employee engagement, and implementing technologies for talent-focused initiatives. This is the third consecutive year that Nonprofit HR has conducted the survey of local, regional and national nonprofits and shared the results of their aggregate talent priorities.

Watch this webinar recording and learn where talent acquisition, total rewards, technology, performance management and learning rank for hundreds of organizations representing multiple missions, sizes and locations.

Download Webinar Recording Now!

Download a new webinar recording and learn the retention practices of nonprofits across North America.

What can your organization do to keep your employees engaged? The first step is to understand where you stand when it comes to retention. Evaluating where you are and benchmarking your retention practices against those of other nonprofits is a great place to begin. At Nonprofit HR, we know that there continues to be limited data available on nonprofit talent management practices and as a result, we remain committed to help close this gap.


Retention Infographic Cover

2019 Nonprofit Talent Management Priorities Survey

What is the nonprofit sector most concerned about in regards to talent management?

488 nonprofit leaders and HR professionals across the country participated in third annual Nonprofit Talent Management Priorities survey. The organizations we surveyed spanned a diverse range of budgets, staff sizes and missions.

Access a free webinar recording and hear insights, impacts from the data, and tips for how your organization can leverage its results in 2019 and beyond.


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