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Jeanell B. Freeman, MBA

Managing Director, Business Operations

Jeanell B. Freeman, MBA

Jeanell B. Freeman, MBA, is the Managing Director of Business Operations who can seamlessly shift gears from leading through complex business infrastructure design to viewing every task with a wide business lens, then narrow down to connect the dots, identify business drivers, take action and drive results. In her role, she is responsible for ensuring firm-wide alignment and facilitating the implementation of strategic initiatives, as well as maintaining oversight of key firm priorities.

Her prior roles include Operations Analyst at Mortgage Bankers Association, Paralegal Specialist with the United States Department of Justice, information technology consultant, and a strategic planner in the nonprofit sector. Jeanell brings a strong results-oriented focus to Nonprofit HR, along with proven abilities to identify strengths and weaknesses and implement company policies, standards, systems and operational changes that optimize productivity and increase the bottom line.

In her role, Jeanell works closely with the Executive Leadership team to continuously refine and implement a strategic growth plan to expand and position the firm as a leader of human resources, talent acquisition, executive search and education, and information services for the nonprofit sector on a national scale.

Jeanell holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Johns Hopkins University, a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Political Science and English from the University of Virginia and a Certificate in Financial Planning from Georgetown University. Active in the community, Jeanell is a committed volunteer with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services and a personal financial literacy coach. In her spare time, she loves learning about different cultures and traveling internationally, spending time with family, reading and dining at exquisite restaurants.