Salima Moolji
Senior Consultant, Search

Salima Moolji is a Senior Consultant for Nonprofit HR, where she partners with nonprofit organizations looking to recruit executive leaders, primarily to help transform organizations and thrive to their highest potential. In this capacity, she is recognized as an inspirational leader and ambassador for the firm.

With over 15 years of experience as an Executive Consultant, Ms. Moolji grew her career working with companies worldwide to solve specific business challenges. Most of her consulting projects focused on a variety of areas including human resources, sustainability and real estate.

Ms. Moolji was a double major in Political Science and Economics from Southern Methodist University. She has a passion for sustainability and heads a nonprofit organization creating a high-performance, low emissions building district in Dallas, which works to make the city more sustainable. She loves art, baking, interior design, traveling and spending time with her family.