February 17, 2021

Event Topic: Follow the “New” Leader

Event Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Event Time: 2-3:30 p.m. EST

Atokatha Ashmond Brew

Upcoming Webinar to Feature Pivotal Executive Search and Leader Preparation Strategies

Tune in to gain expert insight from Nonprofit HR’s recently launched executive and professional Search program

Nonprofit HR recently launched Impact Search Advisors (ISA), a new program that supports associations, foundations and social impact organizations with their talent attraction and acquisition needs. These functions include executive/professional recruitment, expedited search, interim leadership and on-demand or temporary talent. Organization leaders are invited to attend the debut webinar to hear expert tips on how to prepare a thoughtful executive search with a clear communication strategy and navigate the transition of executive leadership in company culture.

Impact Search Advisors was founded with one goal in mind: to attract the highest performing talent needed to strengthen the social impact of mission-driven organizations, including nonprofits and associations. As a consultative and collaborative partner, ISA is an extension of the client’s recruitment capability. Our expert advisors understand that the search for talent is an opportunity to define an organization and the change it will drive for years to come—that is why the ISA team of Search advisors and consultants work to find the best, most qualified executives and professionals to spearhead and lead core functions of social impact organizations,” said Lisa Brown Alexander, Founder & CEO, Nonprofit HR.  

With over two decades of expertise, ISA actively engages leaders from every mission-critical area. Myra Briggs, Managing Director, ISA shared, From my experience, passion-led executive leaders want to partner with and inspire their teams. We work to find those thought leaders. It’s about developing trust, not only with candidates but also with clients—without that, it is virtually impossible to create and sustain impact for any mission. It takes a seasoned professional, someone that has focused very closely on all the things that are necessary in terms of strategic leadership, as well as culture, to take an organization to its next phase, and we help find and present those leaders.”

ISA’s recent launch is part of Nonprofit HR’s newest initiative called “Agility” which sharpens the focus of all of its client services areas to help nonprofits increase social impact through their people. Other organizational shifts include Strategy & Advisory services, now being led by long-time HR Strategist, Consultant and Managing Director, Lori Kipnis; HR Outsourcing, the firm’s largest practice, led by Heather de la Riva; Search; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), the firm’s fastest-growing practice, led by well-known DEI expert and Managing Director, Emily Holthaus; and Total Rewards, led by compensation, benefits and wellness expert and Managing Director, Lisa McKeown.  

Register now for the webinar and hear how to plan for and conduct an executive search in the midst of cultural breakdowns and prepare your culture for new leadership.

Press interested in attending should email for an invitation link. 

About Myra Briggs

Myra serves as the lead search consultant on Nonprofit HR’s search engagements and brings over 18 years of experience in executive search recruitment to Nonprofit HR. Myra is a talented, results-driven international staffing and recruitment professional with a proven record. She’s accomplished in planning and leading comprehensive recruiting strategies and teams in support of business goals and objectives. Myra has also effectively managed high-volume recruitment needs through substantive communication, organization and attention to detail. She has expertise in directing the creation of marketing tools and steering the execution of recruitment marketing programs.

If your organization is considering initiating an executive leadership search, check out Myra’s recent blog post on The Surprising Way Most Nonprofit Executive Searches Go Wrong.

Employees do not leave organizations, they leave bosses. Is it time to assess your leadership? Download our Leadership Self-Assessment for Talent Retention for eight questions and answers to evaluate your effectiveness as a mission-driven leader. 

For more of Myra’s insight on how organizations in the social impact sector are attracting and hiring diverse talent, listen now Talent Attraction & Diverse Recruitment Practices episode on The Switch!

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