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Audacious. Visionary. Bold. Results-Oriented. This is the type of leadership your nonprofit needs, and it’s the type of professional we will help you find.

At Nonprofit HR, we understand that executive search is not just a recruitment activity, but an opportunity to define your organization and the change it will drive for years to come. Our executive search process is collaborative and focused. With your organization’s specific goals in mind, we work in partnership with you to find the best, most qualified executives to lead your mission. We serve both nonprofit executives and the organizations who need them to pave the way to the future.

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Practice Lead

Myra T. Mathis

Myra T. Mathis

Executive Search Consultant & Practice Leader
Email: mmathis@nonprofithr.comPhone: (202) 785-2060 x 132

``Greenpeace USA has engaged Nonprofit HR to lead and drive multiple strategic human resources efforts that impact our ability to deliver on our mission. We are especially appreciative for the expertise and leadership they provided while shepherding us through the executive search process, helping us to identify and hire a dynamic business partner to serve as our Chief Operating Officer.``

Annie Leonard, Executive DirectorGreenpeace USA

Adding Value to Your Executive Search

Every organization has unique leadership needs, but it can be difficult to evaluate a prospective leader’s fit using traditional tactics alone. That’s why we’ve partnered with PDA International.

As a value-add in our executive search process, we evaluate every candidates’ skills, experience and behavioral profile with the PDA International Personal Development Analysis assessment. This assessment and our thorough analysis will ensure your role is filled with a leader who fits with your organization’s culture and is highly capable of advancing its mission and goals.

The PDA assessment:

  • Identifies the critical thinking, business, persuasive and leadership skills of candidates
  • Measures candidate motivation and behavioral fit
  • Measures overall candidate match based on the needs of the position

To learn more, review the PDA informational brochure here.

Free Virtual Event: Interact for Impact: Executive Leadership Transitions

Join fellow nonprofit professionals and leaders for a virtual Interact for Impact event on Wednesday, July 18th at 2 PM ET.

The unplanned departure of an executive can be a major trauma for any organization to endure. Consider the following questions:

  1. What processes should your organization have in place before a leader resigns?
  2. How much time should your organization take to make a new hire?

Sign up and find out how your organization should approach the unexpected resignation of a leader.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to engage staff in conversations about executive turnover
  • Why organizations may benefit from waiting on making an immediate hire
  • Why hiring an interim director may ease the transition period

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Nonprofit HR values diversity and inclusion.

We cast a broad net that is national in scope to attract the best talent. We value and seek diversity throughout our search process by: recruiting high-performing talent from all segments of society; pursuing diverse individuals without regard to national origin, language, race, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, veteran status, family structures, and differences of thought and life experiences to efficiently and effectively pursue organizational objectives; fostering inclusion by connecting the new leader to the organization; encouraging collaboration, flexibility, and fairness to enable full participation that contributes to a leader’s full potential; and working with our clients to understand the strategies and systems that are in place to effectively manage diversity, be accountable, measure results, and cultivate a culture of inclusion.

“Thank you for knocking this search out of the park. We saw several people and your candidate was the only one we wanted to move forward with.”

Adwoa Jones. Chief Talent OfficerAtlantic Council