Leadership Self Assessment for talent retention

Leadership Self-Assessment for Talent Retention

From my experience, most executive leaders, and especially those with bleeding hearts for their causes, want to partner with and inspire their teams. Most want their employees to thrive and to see staff reinforce their organization’s brand values. Most want to understand who their employees are on a personal level and spend time engaging with them. So, a level-headed leader is never completely shocked when great employees leave nor do they deny being a key reason for the staff member’s departure. And then, there is the out-of-touch leader who is simply unaware of the impact that their actions have on their employees. 

Leadership Self-Assessment Topics Questions:

  • How credible is your leadership?
  • Have you clearly articulated your vision to your staff
  • How well have you established your organization’s culture
  • How many great ideas are you avoiding? 
  • Does your staff see your commitment to diversity?
  • How do you calculate and manage risk?
  • How well do you value your leadership team?
  • Are you tuned-in to your organization’s operations?
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