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Nonprofit HR’s staffing services reported a 38 percent growth in the first quarter of 2013. The record growth is being attributed to the firm’s new operating culture where staff are being given the latitude to operate with what is being called “unstoppable behavior.”

“Our rapid growth is exciting. We’re working with sophisticated nonprofits that understand the business needs of their constituents,” said Patty Hampton, Vice President and Managing Partner of Nonprofit HR.  “Managing talent within an organization and responding to the business needs through temporary and direct solutions not only helps to drive results, but gives many nonprofits a fighting chance to sustainable success in an improving economy.”

With the national unemployment rate at 7.5 percent, Nonprofit HR is identifying top talent looking for challenging new career opportunities and these professionals are open to working on a part-time, temporary and contract basis. According to the firm’s staffing team, their nonprofit clients are not making standard requests for administrative support, but for highly experienced mid to senior level professionals in programs and operations positions.

“Nonprofits are benefiting from candidates now in the job market that have lost government or private sector jobs,” said Hampton. “And in addition to finding excellent full time staff, organizations of all sizes and missions are achieving outcomes and making impact in their respective communities with the help of temporary workers.”

“Many of our clients believe that there are talented candidates out there that can help them prosper in today’s climate of budget cuts and sequestration,” commented Hampton. “And we have been lucky enough to partner with them to find the professionals they need.”

As a result of Nonprofit HR’s record growth for more than a few years, the firm has not only planned ahead to hire top talent for its staffing services division, but is also looking to add additional talent management strategies that will continue to add value to the nonprofit clients they continue to serve. Visit NonprofitHR.com for details.

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