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From John Zappe,

“When U.S. News issued its list of the 100 Best Jobs for 2013, its No. 1 criterion was hiring demand. After that came salary. Also factoring into the equation were work-life balance, stress, and the unemployment rate for individuals in each of the occupations.

Based on those factors, and a few others, dentist ranked at the top of the 100 Best Jobs list. Registered nurse was second, followed by pharmacist and computer systems analyst. Of the top 10 jobs on the list, six are in health care. The other four are in tech. (Telemarketer ranked at the bottom of the list.) HR came in at No. 72 in the rankings, sandwiched between sales manager (71) and plumber (73).

HR specialist came in No. 17 on the business list, also right after sales manager and just ahead of real estate agent. It’s a little fuzzy from the description whether U.S. News means recruiters, trainers, or generalists.

Says U.S. News: ‘Today’s HR specialists hire and train new employees, ensuring their companies or organizations maintain credibility by recruiting the best of the best.’”

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