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Brett Stupakevich has three ways HR analytics can boost your bottom line. Yes, not just HR but HR analytics!

  1. Raise visibility. Creating a single view of all relevant workforce data is key to correctly aligning talent with the fluctuating needs of the business. For example, data might need to be viewed by business unit, product group and geography to find root causes, profit per employee or to compare compensation with performance.
  2. Align HR data with business data. According to the Aberdeen study, 59% of top performing companies aggregate employee data with business data compared to 28% of the lowest performing companies. Furthermore, 54% of top performing companies combine talent management data with business data compared to 30% of companies in the lowest performing category.
  3. Predict the future. Once a company bridges data silos to integrate HR data and business data to help achieve company goals, HR analytics can be used to predict future workforce outcomes.

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