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Whether your organization operates in one of the states that plans to relax social distancing restrictions in the near future, or plans to return to the workplace 30-60 days out, there are several critical re-entry steps to implement. The big question is how you can modify your operations to remain compliant, increase employee safety and ease their concerns about leaving home. Organizations will need to make many adjustments to successfully adjust to the new normal.


Focus on these key learning objectives during the discussion:

  • Strategic workforce planning decisions that help identify who must return in order to effectively achieve your mission
  • How to factor in when and how they return
  • What changes are needed to your physical space, protocols and policies for this return
  • Requests your employees may make before returning to work
  • Ways of working that may have shifted at your nonprofit during this pandemic


Alicia Schoshinski, M.A., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, sHRBP, SWPLisa Smith, WLCP

Senior HRBP & Knowledge Co-Lead
Nonprofit HR
See what Alicia brings to the discussion

Business Partner
Nonprofit HR
See what Lisa brings to the discussion 

Many organizations have created greater operational efficiencies during the pandemic. Hear how to leverage those efficiencies going forward, and how to plan for a second wave of quarantining should one occur in your community. Your work climate will not be business as usual, as employee and employer perspectives and expectations have changed. Learn about all this and more. Download the recording now.

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