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For several years during Women’s History Month, Nonprofit HR has recognized women across North America who have made significant contributions and impact to nonprofits, associations, foundations, social enterprises and the communities they serve. Each year our staff have selected women who exhibit extraordinary leadership, unwavering dedication and impactful achievements.

This year, we would like to hear from you and we are calling on our expanded community to help us identify and recognize women in your networks who accomplish the seemingly impossible against all odds. Please look out for an announcement coming in March of this year’s finalists. Learn more about last year’s finalists here

The deadline for this year’s nominations has now closed. 

  • Resides and works in the North America
  • Works in the social sector (either at a nonprofit or a for-profit social enterprise)
  • Generates significant impact on you or your expanded community through their endeavors
  • Demonstrates passionate commitment to a cause through their work
  • Is highly respected by their peers and is a role model for others in the sector

  • We are seeking nominations that showcase the talents and accomplishments of the most outstanding women in the social sector.
  • A response is required for all questions.
  • We will select the top nominees. Nominations are valid for two years. If a woman is nominated and not selected, she is automatically considered the following year.
  • Nominees may be someone you know personally or follow online. You may nominate as many candidates as you would like.
  • Nominations are not anonymous, but you may opt-out of having your name shared.
  • You may nominate yourself.
  • Quotes from the write-in section may be used in full or in part by Nonprofit HR.

  • Make sure to keep your word count under 200 words for each section of the application.
  • You may collaborate with others to complete the nomination form.
  • Examples of impact for a nominee’s work make a strong case for review.

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