Talent Management & Workforce Planning

Do you have a talent strategy in place that positions your nonprofit to accelerate its mission impact? Have you proactively planned ahead for future workforce needs and staffed your organization accordingly?

If not, Nonprofit HR can help. Through our Talent Management & Workforce Planning engagements, we work with nonprofits across the country to align their talent strategies with their broader strategic plans and to anticipate, prepare and budget for the human capital that will be required to achieve their goals.

Talent Management & Workforce Planning engagements begin with a Workforce Assessment, which includes:

  • A review of the organization’s strategic plan, deliverables, outcomes and annual goals to better understand corresponding staffing needs and the talent required to meet stated goals and objectives.
  • A supply analysis: We assess the competencies of the organization, analyze the demographics and study related staff trends.
  • A demand analysis: We assess future activities and measure anticipated workloads.
  • A gap analysis: We compare information from the supply analysis and demand analysis to identify the gaps between the current organizational competencies and those needed in the future workforce.

Following a Workforce Assessment, we help our clients answer questions such as:

  • Does our organization have the right staff composition needed to deliver on defined outcomes?
  • Is there a need for a contingent workforce strategy?
  • What might be appropriate roles, levels of responsibility and skills needed to accomplish current and future work?
  • What organizational structure will best support the current and emerging needs of our organization?
  • What should our talent management strategy look like going forward?
  • What roles should we hire for when, and how should we effectively use our budget to support the talent required to advance our mission?

There is no element more critical to your nonprofit’s success than the people behind your organization, and our Strategy & Advisory Practice will ensure you’re fully optimizing your human capital.


Partner with our Talent Management & Workforce Planning team.

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