Audit & Assessment

Managing the needs of your nonprofit’s workforce while navigating an increasingly complex world of regulations, requirements and HR responsibilities can be difficult.

If you need to audit your HR practices to ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws, or go deeper and assess the effectiveness of your HR function, our Strategy & Advisory practice will help! We partner with your organization to develop a roadmap of HR transformation initiatives that support your organization’s operations and future growth strategy.

Most HR Assessment engagements begin with understanding your mission and current strategic priorities.

We know that a thorough HR Assessment aims to answer one crucial question: Is your human resources function contributing to the achievement of your organization’s strategic goals and objectives? Our team begins each engagement with an in-depth exploration of your organization’s human resources needs through engagement with leadership, HR staff and other team members, as well as a study of key documents such as strategic plans, operational plans and annual reports.

Then, armed with a firm understanding of your organization’s current and emerging goals and objectives, we produce a gap analysis that identifies areas in which current HR practices, organizational structures and staff resources may be misaligned with your organization’s strategic plan.Finally, our consultants provide recommendations for change, from building a culture of performance feedback to assessing benefits programs to implementing and upgrading HR technology.

Nonprofit HR’s clients commonly report significant, measurable improvements in employee performance, engagement, retention and attitudes toward HR following an assessment.

Partner with our Audit & Assessment team.

If you’re ready to audit your organization’s HR practices or simply have a question, contact us. Someone from our Strategy & Advisory team will be in touch shortly.