Culture & Engagement

According to recent research, culture and engagement are the top challenges facing leaders today.

More than 50 percent of leaders rated culture as an “urgent” issue this year — up from around 20 percent the previous year. The benefits of a healthy, engaged culture are significant. We know that highly engaged employees are more likely to have above-average productivity and that organizations with mostly engaged employees outperform those with mostly unengaged employees. The imperative for nonprofit leaders is clear: if you want to advance your mission, you must prioritize culture and engagement because it impacts everything else you do.

We partner with nonprofit organizations to assess and improve organizational culture, and in turn, drive mission advancement.

Our Culture & Engagement Practice centers on three core services:

  • Cultural Needs Assessment
  • Employee Engagement Survey Design & Management
  • Retention Strategy Design and Retention Interviews

We take a hands-on approach to uncovering and understanding current cultural and employee engagement dynamics and building strategies to address them. Through every part of the process, we work to align your human capital strategies to your mission to ensure the values you espouse to the community and advocate for externally are mirrored internally. After all, you cannot advocate for health and wellness if you don’t offer quality health insurance, just as you cannot advocate for social justice if you don’t offer a mechanism for employees to air workplace concerns.

Our Culture & Engagement clients recognize extraordinary results from our work, with many reporting measurable gains in employee engagement, organizational efficiency and retention within months after putting recommendations from our assessments, surveys and retention strategies into place.

Culture & Engagement Practice Lead

Lisa Brown Alexander, SPHR

President and CEO
Email: lalexander@nonprofithr.comPhone: 202-785-2060 x104
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