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At Nonprofit HR, we’ve been in your shoes as an organizational leader and decision-maker for all things talent management, and that is why we wholeheartedly believe that the success of organizations lies in the strength of their people. Our unwavering commitment to the social impact sector drives us to exclusively support mission-driven organizations in the United States and beyond. With a history dating back to 2000, we’ve made a lasting impact on countless employees and the communities they serve. We listen. We advise. We thought-partner with you to optimize your people for your mission-critical objectives.

Through our work, we offer tailored, integrated solutions that address the unique challenges of social impact organizations. From strategic planning to talent acquisition and performance management, our comprehensive services are customized to cover every aspect and stage of the employee lifecycle. Each solution is viewed through a lens of equity and rooted in HR best practice. We’re not just consultants; we’re dedicated partners and our virtual accessibility, inclusivity and results-driven approaches ensure your organization’s growth and success — through your people.

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People & Organizational Strategy

Project-based advisory services rooted in HR best practices. Customized to meet and advance unique workplace culture, infrastructure and strategic priorities.

HR Outsourcing

Dedicated HR consultants who manage all aspects of the talent management lifecycle, from strategic to tactical and from talent acquisition through exit management.

Total Rewards

Rewards-centric solutions that demonstrate and reinforce value, engage employees, connect them to an organization and allow them to grow their career while also managing their lives outside of work.


A specialized team of recruitment experts focused on finding and identifying the most qualified executives, talent management leaders and professionals to lead core functions of your organization.

Over 23 Years of Experience

Missions We Serve

Advance your mission when you partner with Nonprofit HR to take care of your organization’s people. When you partner with us, you gain more than just a consulting service; you gain dedicated allies invested in your mission’s success. Our consultants bring extensive experience and deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by nonprofits. We specialize in providing tailored solutions that address the specific people management needs of social impact organizations. Together, we work tirelessly to foster an environment where your people thrive, your purpose flourishes, and your organization’s impact on the world grows exponentially.


Advocacy, legal and policy mission-driven organizations work tirelessly to protect the rights of the communities they serve. Nonprofit HR proudly partners with such organizations as they take direct action representing people and causes, driving policy reform, and providing legal support and resources. 

Arts & Culture

Arts & culture is essential for society as it enriches lives in meaningful ways, builds and strengthens communities, provides education, and creates space for artists to express themselves. Nonprofit HR realizes the importance of arts and culture and embraces partners that create a more vibrant, inclusive and engaged society.


The importance of faith-based communities cannot be overstated. They provide social services, spiritual support, knowledge, guidance and access to material goods needed to survive. Nonprofit HR serves faith-based organizations and emboldens them to focus on addressing community needs and helping people to lead fulfilling lives.

Housing & Houselessness

Everyone deserves a safe, stable place to live. Organizations tackling the complexities of houselessness address realities such as poverty, lack of affordable housing and mental illness. Nonprofit HR fully supports its partners in ending houselessness, closing gaps and providing people at risk with stable housing opportunities.

Agriculture/Food Justice

Combating food insecurity and ensuring sustainable agriculture are prime global concerns intersecting policy, partnerships and public engagement. Nonprofit HR avidly supports the critical missions to boldly tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time that addresses the environment, human labor and animal welfare.


Athletics and leisure missions deliver the positive impact of improving physical health and fitness, promoting mental health and well-being, introducing social interaction, and emboldening teamwork and camaraderie. Nonprofit HR is proud to call athletics and leisure mission organizations partners to help elevate good for all communities.

Community Development

Equity, innovation, resilience and accountability are just some ways to describe mission-driven organizations that build and strengthen communities. Nonprofit HR joins forces as avid supporters of community development organizations to help people overcome challenges, thrive and progress toward better living.

Human Rights

Social sector human rights organizations work towards the ideal that everyone should have the same fundamental rights regardless of identity. As organizations protect the undermined, marginalized and victimized, Nonprofit HR serves their performance management functions moving them one step closer to a world where everyone thrives.


Social sector organizations provide active support for the queer community by challenging stereotypes and prejudice, celebrating LGBTQIA+ culture and advancing change. Nonprofit HR is proud to be an ally and thought partner, so mission-driven organizations can provide legal protections, safe spaces, resources and structure.


Since the Founding Fathers established the United States in 1776, immigrants have been a driving force in the economy, culture and heritage. Immigration organizations defend and advance the rights of immigrants and refugees. Nonprofit HR serves these social impact organizations so they can help immigrants settle into quality lives.


All communities should have a voice in public policy and political organizations work toward economic empowerment, civic engagement and leadership cultivation. Nonprofit HR aligns with political mission-driven organizations as thought partners to help them shape how we are governed and advocate for political change to protect people’s rights.

Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship takes business principles and gallops to solve social problems. That’s why social entrepreneurship organizations are so exciting and essential. Nonprofit HR stands by the spirit of social entrepreneurship and facilitates HR solutions so partners can experiment, innovate, affect public policy and foster prosperity.

Trade Associations

Social impact trade associations facilitate growth and success for various causes, from education, healthcare, energy, law and everything in between. Nonprofit HR partners with trade association organizations to uphold and advance their mission and promote core values of excellence among their communities.

Animal Rights

Reminding us that animals are entitled to humane treatment, mission-driven organizations work to ensure animals are not subject to cruel treatment. Nonprofit HR partners with animal rights organizations as they work steadfastly to gain support for this overlooked cause.

Diverse Abilities

Organizations advocating for people with diverse abilities believe everyone deserves equal opportunities, rights and acceptance, regardless of physical and mental capacity. Nonprofit HR serves diverse abilities organizations dedicated to creating an inclusive world where everyone can lead whole lives.

Government Oversight & Reform

Government must serve the people’s interests and government oversight and reform organizations work to hold them accountable. Nonprofit HR solidly supports these organizations as thought partners, emboldening them to do the brave work of investigating, exposing and correcting government failure.

Health Education/Advocacy

To best serve people, healthcare education and advocacy, social impact organizations ensure accurate, debiased information is accessible to all, compiling useful data and information and providing medical education and training opportunities. Nonprofit HR serves as a thought partner so organizations can focus on delivering equitable access to health information.


Social sector international/NGOs play a significant role in global development and resilience by uniting cooperatives, partnering with emerging market countries and serving impoverished and vulnerable populations. Nonprofit HR embraces its thought partnerships with organizations that work tirelessly towards a prosperous world.


According to the World Bank, nearly 720 million people worldwide suffer from poverty. Nonprofit HR avidly serves organizations so they can tackle the root causes of poverty, work to address cultural, career, academic and social impoverishment needs, and provide career and skills training, entrepreneurship opportunities and housing.

Racial Justice

Racial justice existed before the Founding Fathers established the United States. Racial justice organizations have never been more needed. Nonprofit HR is a strong proponent of equity, diversity, inclusivity and justice and avidly partners with racial justice organizations to advance advocacy, policy change, community and empowerment.

Social Justice

Social justice missions are so important because they support various causes, from the tenet that everyone is entitled to the same rights regardless of their identity, to securing everyone’s economic stability to promoting health and wellness. Nonprofit HR stands proudly to partner with and advocate missions that are advancing social justice.

Professional Society

Social sector organizations that promote professional societies play a pivotal role in advancing a wide range of industries and professions. Nonprofit HR, the leading consulting firm serving social impact organizations, firmly supports professional societies as they connect peers and foster collaboration.


Social sector organizations strive to solve the world’s most pressing problems and innovate to improve lives. Research is intrinsic to advancing understanding of the world and solving its problems. Nonprofit HR is dedicated to empowering research organizations to foster research that informs, facilitates, upholds and improves on chief social issues.


Technology has the power to create positive social impact and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges; it also connects people and improves lives. Nonprofit HR serves mission-driven technology organizations seeking to close digital divides, navigate complex laws and regulations, and advance processes, research and development.

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Nonprofit HR Events

At Nonprofit HR, our passion for knowledge and research drives us to curate dozens of immersive virtual learning opportunities every year, exclusively designed to empower and uplift professionals in the social impact sector. Our events are purposefully crafted to facilitate growth, foster connections and support the development of nonprofit professionals.

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