Compensation Communication and Education Advisory Services




Nonprofit HR places a strong emphasis on fostering transparency within organizations throughout our compensation projects. We encourage you to openly communicate throughout the project’s occurrence. By introducing our dedicated project team to your staff, you empower them to comprehend the reasons and methodologies driving the compensation project. This process aids in establishing clear expectations and disseminating the project’s timeline effectively. 

We offer a range of support levels to facilitate your communication efforts. This includes furnishing you with communication templates such as frequently asked questions (FAQs) and talking points, tailored to each distinct phase of the project. These resources are instrumental in ensuring consistent and well-informed communication with your staff. Furthermore, our package extends to encompass the provision of a dedicated communications consultant who will work closely with you to tailor communication strategies to your organization’s unique needs.

To complete the holistic scope of our project, we extend our services to include compensation training for your leadership team. This training equips your people leaders with the requisite skills and knowledge to effectively support the implementation of the compensation program. Moreover, it equips them to manage the program’s ongoing maintenance and administration seamlessly.



Partner with Our Total Rewards Team.

With Nonprofit HR as your partner, you can fully engage, empower and sustain your people through a holistic Total Rewards approach that fully aligns with your organization’s people management priorities, strategic plan and shared values.