The Black Futures Lab 501(c3) works to make Black communities powerful in politics. We transform Black communities into constituencies that wield independent, political power at the municipal, state, and federal level. The problems our communities face are complex; the solutions to those problems require imagination, experimentation, and political power. We advance strategies that help us imagine the alternatives we deserve, while building political power at the local, state and national level in order to implement those alternatives.

This position is shared with our sister entity Black to the Future Action Fund, a separate 501(c4).

Position Overview:

The Finance Director manages all financial activities for the organization, including but not limited to preparing, reviewing and tracking organizational and department budgets, and overseeing cash flow. The Finance Director also oversees all investment activities. The Finance Director reports directly to the Principal.


Budget Planning and Development

  • Develop financial strategy for the organization
  • Lead annual budget planning and monthly forecast process with fiscal sponsor to ensure proper reporting.
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly reporting packages for Principal, senior management, and Advisory Boards (B2AF and BFL);
  • Work closely with BFL and B2AF fiscal sponsors to align management and oversight systems;
  • Support creation of board and senior management presentations providing an overview of the organization’s results and updates to the financial budget for Board meetings;
  • Support department heads to oversee and monitor program budgets

Financial Monitoring and Oversight

  • Manage and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local law requirements for all 501c3. 501c4 and PAC expenditures and subsequent reporting;
  • Develop and implement internal controls and financial governance of the organization, in coordination with fiscal sponsor(s)
  • Work with Administrative team to develop and implement tools to improve reporting and analytics for revenue and key expense items, financial statements, and key metrics
  • Oversee fiscal sponsor accounting and ensure alignment and accuracy
  • Oversee cash flow management
  • Assess, manage and minimize financial risk to the organization
  • Analyze complex financial data

Fundraising Support

  • Work directly with the Principal to design and implement fundraising strategies
  • Develop organizational budgets as needed for grant applications
  • Monitor organizational budgets for grant requirements
  • Oversee financial reporting for grant requirements

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