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Facebook is entering the job board market, which may provide recruiters with more access to candidates than they have ever had before.

Jessica Miller-Merrell has the details.

“Facebook’s entry into the job board market could change all that. They offer the largest collective group of users throughout the globe, over one billion strong with Americans spendingnearly 400 minutes amonthon the world’s largest social network. Their platform offers companies and human resource managers up to the minute insights into their user base from photos to interests, and conversations not to mention killer trends and analytics. LinkedIn use is at just 17 minutes a month — see a push from Facebook in the coming months to suggest that users fully complete their profiles including their work history and experience as they prepare to launch their job board as part of the Social Jobs Partnership. “Jobs” will be a collaborative effort which is what makes them very different from their soon to be social recruiting rival, LinkedIn.

Inside sources say Facebook won’t be launching the traditional job board we are familiar with. Facebook will partner with non-profit organizations like Direct Employers and the National Association for Careers and Employers, government entities in addition to HR technology vendors like BranchOut and Work4Us. This is a solid strategy for Facebook as there are a number of technology companies and job boards who are ‘all in’ having established platforms, services, and apps for job seekers, recruiting, and hiring contained within Facebook. LinkedIn, however, has partners parting ways with Twitter saying ado to LinkedIn last month.”

This makes sense for Facebook. It appears recruiters will now only need to spend their time on social media platforms. Ready to close that Monster.com account?

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