Exclusive Partnership Program for Federated Organizations

Dear Social Impact Community,

Nonprofit HR has worked with several organizations that have branches throughout the country and has moved in the direction of creating a program exclusively for those organizations, whose independence and geographically dispersed affiliates are nationwide. We strongly believe that all nonprofits on occasion need access to a human resource consulting partner who can support their short- and long-term needs. With this special program, we’ve taken steps to close the gap by creating exclusive access for leaders that need help in the most critical areas of their operations.

These organizations are also some of the most influential nonprofits that continue to tackle and transform economic and community development, health, housing, and education issues for decades. Given our own experience of more than two decades of working with all nonprofits and now social enterprise groups, we believe there is a greater opportunity for us to work together to support your organization’s talent management priorities to enhance and deliver outcomes that will help you continue to scale for years.

We know firsthand that many nonprofits are not only struggling to manage their human resources and talent management needs, but also are experiencing culture and performance management issues that continue to percolate because they are not adequately addressed. This new program offers exclusive access to your organization and its affiliates who feel as though a partner in human resources, talent acquisition (including executive search and recruitment outsourcing), and knowledge and training could be beneficial.

We have helped many organizations in your region! Schedule a mini consult to discuss your talent management needs or email me to discuss how we can partner with your organization.



Heather de la Riva, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
Managing Director, Business Development & Client Experience

Current and Past Clients

Volunteers of America

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Boys and Girls Club

The Y (YMCA)

KIPP Public Schools

Goodwill Industries International

Salvation Army