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Do you feel as if you are missing out on great talent because your organization will slow down your recruitment for the next few weeks? According to a recent Monster.com article, if a job is open and companies are looking to hire soon, there is no slow period. “With the current 4% unemployment rate, organizations have to react quickly.” This means that your job openings could stay open much longer than you anticipate. Instead of waiting until January, which is typically a busy time of the year for most organizations, capitalize on these final weeks of the year and keep your recruiting active.

In this very tight talent market, with unemployment being at an all-time low, recruiters have to think outside the box if you are to stay ahead of the recruiting curve. One opportunity you are leaving on the table is continuing to recruit over the holidays. That’s right! Most organizations will slow down, but this a prime opportunity for your job listings to rise to the top. Here are four simple things you can do now to ensure a continued flow of resumes!

  1. Slightly modify the messaging on your job announcements to emphasize urgency. This will motivate candidates to apply for your opportunities first, rather than putting them at the bottom of their list of jobs to apply for
  2. Be sure you are making it easy for the candidates to apply through a mobile ready platform
  3. Once you receive resumes, remember to reply to them in a timely manner so you don’t lose candidates
  4. Take extra time to make your candidate’s journey with you impactful, as they will be your best advocates in the future

Let’s talk about your recruitment needs! Email me at yrivera@nonprofithr.com.

Yvonne Rivera, CSP
Director, Talent Acquisition
Nonprofit HR

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