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On May 13, Julie Gallion, PHR, a Senior Human Resources Consultant with Nonprofit HR, testified before the Washington, DC City Council’s health committee during a 7-hour hearing on the district’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) exchange program manager, the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority.

Gallion, a 14 year human resources consultant for nonprofit organizations, said she and her firm oppose the exchange-only approach, because they believe that most of the groups Nonprofit HR serves that have more than 20 employees already provide platinum-level benefits and may be getting better coverage for lower prices than they could get through the exchange.

“So much of the D.C. exchange is unknown,” Gallion said.

The D.C. council might be able to improve the exchange proposals if it applies the “exchange only” rule only to employers with fewer than 20 employees, and if it provides a waiver program for employers that already offer good health benefits, Gallion said.

Gallion’s full testimony is below. For more information on the plans of the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority, click here.

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