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Some organizations just get it. By “it,” I mean they understand that their success is directly tethered to the strength of their employees. An organization has no product to sell and no way to sell it without employees. The happier and more motived the employees the better product and business development.

Google gets it.

From Mashable.com,

“It’s been long reported that Google treats its employees well, from offering them free food and fitness classes to laundry service and car washes. But according to a recent report, Google recently rolled out death benefits to employees, including a generous offer to pay the spouse or partner of a deceased staffer half of their salary for a decade.
The news of these death benefits — which was first reported by Forbes — also comes with “no tenure requirement,” which means each employee in its 34,000 workforce qualifies. It was put into place earlier this year.
Mashable confirmed with a Google spokesperson that the benefits don’t just stop at salary. The surviving spouse or partner of a deceased employee will also acquire vested stock benefits, and children will receive $1,000 a month until the age of 19. The timeline can be extended if the child is in school full time.”
We can have a chicken and egg discussion here if you want, but Google did not get where it is by having a stock-holder focused business approach.

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